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Perseus in his temporary sterilite container.

Perseus in his temporary sterilite container.

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Perseus is a really big fish I don't know what he is. I rescued him from a box store. I had looked him for 3 weeks and he was looking at me despite his dirty water he was just very alert and looking at me. He had sores on his gills and they were bloody red on the inside. I finally couldn't stand it (My husband doesn't like getting more fish) and got him. He had mold on a lower fin when I got him home. That went away fast with AQ salt. He still has a very small sore the size of a pin head on one gill that seems to be healing.
I did some AQ salt but mostly it just been the wonders of clean water to heal the ammonia burns. He has become very friendly and I think he staying. I was considering adoption for him.

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Okay, I'm completely in love. ;) Such a beautiful boy, and I'm so glad you saved him!! :)

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