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What fish to can live with guppies in a 10gallon tank?

ok so i am wondering besides neon tetras what fish can live with 3 guppies in a 10 gallon tank? i am thinking of switching out my neon tetras for different fish to go with the guppies cause i am having absolutely no luck with them what so ever i had 5 neons in the tank now i am down to three neons and three guppies i know neons are schooling fish annd i tried to get them to to school when i can but they keep dyin one by one like i bought a tetra dies on the way home which he was lready sick to begin with but they gave him to us anyway saying oh he's playing opposeum uh no he's dying, so i've given up on them and would want t take the survivors out and switch them for different fish to live with guppies.

i have a turquois guppy,a yellow tail guppy,and a red and gold tuxedo fancy guppy with purple in him.i had a sunrise but he ate a neon and died i think that was the cause of death he was the strongest one in the tank

So i am asking what other tropical fish can live with guppies in a 10 gallon tank?

by the way would any pet store like petsmart or petco take fish that you don't want anymore?

i was thinking mollies,female bettas maybe i find them pretty,some different tetras,or just go screw it your are gonna be a guppy communitty tank XD.but i would like to have different fish in my 10 gallon tank with the guppies but i don't know.suggesstions please

by the way no it isn't the water that is killing them i did a giant water change before adding the 4 new neon tetras and everything read normal but

by the way i am not at the house with the fish my mom is calling me and telling me this.the fish will be coming over to the other place this weekend which is good cause i need to keep an eye on the fish.I that tank.it seems i have more better luck with my two bettas than i do the neon tetras

filteration is a bio-wheel. and i do keep up on my water changes every week so please save me the paragraphs among paragraphs of what i need to do to change my water,how i should test it,blah,blah,blah.I've heard it all before trust me i knoooooooooooow already i am not asking that i am asking what fish can live with guppies simple as that nothing else.

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There are other small tetra's. My LFS has so many different really neat ones. Or if you just want to stay away from tetra's all together, a couple more colourful guppies, or 2 or 3 platy's. They have a rainbow of colours too. How about 4 or 5 pigmy cory's. They stay nice & small on the bottom, Shrimp, or snails ?
Sorry to here about your luck about your neons. I love my cardinals. I put them in my big tank with my angels. That blue is just beautiful.
Good luck with your search. Your tank is small, but you still have a lot of options.

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i just wnat to stay away from the neon tetras all together if snother tetras can go it that would be fine but i'd like to test my variety other than tetras.

i was actually gonna by shrimp once but they are so hard to find so i get scared that i am gonna kill them when i have to clean the tank and think i am gonna suck them up

indeed it's small and i don't want to over stock the 10 gallon tank with to many fish
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You could always go for a small school of cories, (there is a large variety, but I believe they prefer to school with there own species.),
Otherwise there are different type of danios,
you could get a couple swordtails (two or three should be fine.),
you could get 1 or 2 African Dwarf Frogs just make sure they are dwarfs and not clawed. The clawed frogs will look similar at a younger age but will grow twice as fast and will eventually kill your guppies.

These are just a few of the various options. As said you could always go with a different type of tetra. Like a Cardinal Tetra who look very similar to the neon tetra.

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