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Unhappy Treating a nipped tail

Hi Guys,

I am abit worried about one of my guppies, Oscar Wilde. I noticed today it seemed like he had a small nip in his tail, I wouldn't have noticed if not for the pinkish red swelling around it. That's gone down now but I can still see the nip and the slightly reddish tint. This isn't part of his marking, he's a pale blue. I have gone to the pet shop, got some general 'waterlife - treats pin rot & ulcers, pop eye, cloudy eye, red veins, wounds & bacterial infections.'

I did a water change, almost 50% and added the waterlife treatment in. is there anything else I can do ? I know sometimes there's only so much you can do. hopefully I have caught this early.

the tank is about 45 litres, with 16 fish, all males guppies (except two Oto algae suckers) I haven't had any fighting before, no fin nipping, I can't see a particular aggressive male in the lot who could have done this, so not sure what's happened or caused this. I have plants and a piece of wood in the tank, maybe he caught his tail ? He's swimming fine, he's eaten aswell. He is one of the bigger guppies, with probably the 3rd or 4th biggest tail, but he's like a pale blue. I sometimes guppies have tail envy. How long before I might see some results ? the bottle says add 40 mls once a day from two to five days. this seem right ?

here is a picture of the wound / sorry for the poor quality. -
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Clean water is the best thing you can do to prevent infection and further issues. Most meds don't work and will do more harm in your tank than good.
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Aquarium salt, per instructions, soothes their body and Tetracycline is an excellent med for bacterial infections. The temporary downside of TC is that it turns the water amber color. What you do is allow the medicine to be in the tank for a couple days, so it cures the fish. Then you do water changes to get rid of the meds and get the water back to normal. One would think that the TC destroys the 'good bacteria' on the filter medium, but just from observation, it doesn't seem to have a discernible detrimental effect.
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Salt is not good for freshwater fish.
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For some fish, salt isn't good - most catfish, for example. However, for livebearers, among others, it's beneficial. When I worked for a wholesaler, we treated incoming platties, mollies, and swordtailes with salt and TC. For guppies, we put them in salt, sulfa, Formaldehyde, and Furazone Green. We then weaned them from the meds with water changes either the next day or the second day, depending upon how they were faring from shipping.
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It's a big debate in the freshwater community. I won't get into it here but it just isn't healthy. Clean water should almost always be the first choice as far as medicine goes.
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As a temporary measure to help with slimecoat, it's fine. Once it does its job, them you remove it.
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