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Platy pregnancy and the gravid spot

hey i am currently breeding platys at the moment and have 3 juvienel's and a small platy fry (in a nursery box) in a tank with adult platy. i think that one of my female platy is pregnant again, how large does she have to be or how dark does the gravid spot have to be before she is ready to go into labor, i have loads of plants that the new fry can hide in in case she gives birth whilst im out or sleep.

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young platy and pictus catfish

how big do platys have to be in order go into a tank with pictus catfish ? my friend already has 6 adults in a tank with two well feed pictus catfish ... how old do the platy fry have to be before they can leave the nursery tank set up and be put in with the adults and catfish xx

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It's hard to say how big a live bearer will get before she gives birth. But most of my guppies will just about double the size of their bellies before the give birth. You will see them and think "Wow she can't get any bigger" and normally after a few more days of growth she will give birth. It's a good idea to keep records of when they breed so you know about how long they have been carrying.

As for the cat fish I have never keep that type but most cats won't mess with fry. Can't say for sure on the pictus catfish but if you have enough hiding spots you will have some grow up for sure.

I have keep my fry in with my adult fish and some times keep them in tanks by them self. You will have a number of them not make it no matter how you do it, but most of the time growing the fry out in their own tank means you have more become adults.

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