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Molly changing colour?

Alright folks,

So I just got a new molly from the local pet shops community tank. When I bought it yesterday, it was black and orange and still mainly is. However, when I looked over at the tank this evening I noticed that the yellow colour has started to become more prominent and some of the black has changed to the orange colour.

I just wanted to post here to find out if this is normal. The molly shares a tank with a group of neon tetras.

Also, just while I'm here, is it normal for a molly to be reserved in a corner for a while then burst into sudden activity?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and answer if you can, I'll be very grateful for any responses.
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PS, come to think of it the wee lad is only super reserved when I look at the tank up close so thinking about it now it's behaviour is probably due to the fact the wee lad has just come from the community tank where a lot of fish are coming and going with people tapping the glass all day etc etc, right?
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I wouldn't worry unless the molly starts to pale in color. It'll take some adjustment, once it figures out you feed the tank it'll be bolder haha.
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