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Unhappy Guppies and mollies dying

I have a 2 feet freshwater tank. I started with the following fish:

6 guppies
4 black mollies
4 platys
2 rainbow sharks
1 betta fish
2 zebra fish
1 white molly
1 spotted molly
2 orange mollies
2 white fish that i do not know the name of
2 orange fish (similar to platys)

almost every day a fish dies. I have lost 3 guppies, 4 black mollies, 1 zebra fish, 1 platy and 1 orange fish.

I also had 2 angel fish at the very beginning but they died in the first few days so I did not buy any more angel fish.

Please tell me what to do! I really need help

The guy at the pet store told me to feed the fish only once/day but they looked very hungry to me so after the first two weeks I started feeding them twice daily. He told me to change around 4 jugs of water once every 15-20 days and I am following that.

I feed them food made for goldfish and koi as that is what the pet store guy gave me.

I give them bloodworms every third day.

I turn off the light at night and keep only one filter on so that the fish can be at ease.

They are still dying. Please help.
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is the tank cycled?
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well the guy at the pet store told me nothing about cycling. Its been more than a 6 weeks now so I guess it would have been cycled by now.

I added salt two days ago and now the fish seem to be fine.

Any other suggestions?
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If possible try and get a hold of some seeded filter media of an established aquarium from a friend or your LFS and that should help out also I find that using seachem prime is a good water conditioner for ammonia , nitrites and also nitrates as well as a water dechlorinator
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Sometimes pet shops don't give the best advice some of them dont have alot of knowledge about tanks so if you can go to your local aquarium shop they can help you out
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Hate to be the barer of bad news, but the tank is too crowded. A 2 ft tank is far too small for all those fish. Best case scenario you have a 20L, doubtful but optimistic. Your tank is only big enough for 6-8 of those fish. Also, keep in mind mollys are herbivors and therefore produce a lot of waste. 6 Mollys once fully grown 3"-4" would be pushing your luck.

Please let us know how many gallons the tank holds and measurements. For Pete sake don't listen to the pet store!
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Lan has pointed out the cycling thing and henningc is right about the overcrowding thing.

now i'll talk about the fish;

* 2 rainbow sharks on a 2 feet tank is a big no

* zebra danio's should be kept at a min of 5-6

* and i really would like to see the 2 mystery white fish

Originally Posted by Lan View Post
Sometimes pet shops don't give the best advice some of them dont have alot of knowledge about tanks so if you can go to your local aquarium shop they can help you out
responsible pet shops give out great advice, but most just wants yer money
- just my experience

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molly , molly platy death help

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