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EEK! My platy seems about ready to drop fry!

I noticed her birthing canal when I fed them their dinner! She has been pregnant for a while now, but I haven't kept track. She will be my first platy momma!
Just a couple of questions:
She was very, very unsocial earlier, and my frisky male guppy would NOT leave the poor lady alone. She is very rounded, but not quite "squared" (although she won't sit still long enough in the right angle for me to see it if it's there). She was kind of sitting in a spot for maybe 10 seconds, then whiz over a few inches and sit again. This went on the whole time I watched her. Her tail was slightly clamped, and she wasn't gasping too bad. Is this normal pregnant platy behavior or am I looking at a sick platy just moments before her delivery?
She is currently in the net breeder that I am temporarily housing some young RCS and a berried momma in. The net breeder is halfway filled with java moss and wisteria floats on top. She keeps trying to find a way out at first, but I think she has settled down a little. Maybe even thankful to have gotten away from that annoying little horny guppy.
I hope she is fine and I am just paranoid, but I would really love opinions! Like I said, I'm a first time platy grandmama.
Thanks a bunch!
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What you have is a platy in labor. When they move and pause and sit around, them move, it's usually a sign of contractions, the clamping usually means pushing. It's usually best not to move them into breeders at all, or at least to wait until they drop a couple fry first. This is because they can decide to hold the brood and can do so for several days if they're interrupted. It's often best to have either a birthing tank, or a very, very well planted main tank and leave mom alone. Keep lights out when they're laborey, or you can watch if it doesn't stress mom too much and suck up babies with a turkey baster to move them to a net as she gives birth, or keep the tank covered until she's done then hunt the babies with the baster and put them in a safe place. Lights out means the adults wont see them as well and they can find hiding, you may still lose some thugh, and probably will no matter what you do trying to protect them, just save the ones you can. =)

Anywho, if she's calmed down in the net, it should be alright to keep her there until she gives birth. I suggest you shut out the lights and cover the tank. She got stressed out when the guppy picked at her, which they often do to mothers about to give birth because they want to eat the babies, and from the move itself. She needs peace and quiet. The babies will also have a better chance to survive with hiding and darkness. If you have any stress zyme, I suggest you add it to help her out a tad, then keep the lights out and tank covered for about 12+ hours to let her have her peace, and then once she's done giving birth, you can move her to the main tank so the babies don't get eaten, feed everyone real quick, especially mom since she will be absolutely ravenous if she didn't eat many babies, and then shut the lights out again for the rest of the day. This will keep others from pestering mom and allow her to recover from the stress of giving birth and being moved.

Good luck to you and your new kids. =)

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Originally Posted by Sylverclaws View Post
Good luck to you and your new kids. =)
Shoot, if only I knew about the moving thing beforehand. I just felt so bad that the guppy was bothering her so much! I hope she doesn't reabsorb any of her babies.
I turned every light off and covered the tank with a thick blanket since they are in a very high light area. She was completely calm and at ease last time I checked on her. She was still plump and her white spot was more noticeable. I could not see any fry, but they might have hid in the thick clump of java moss that I tossed in.
Anywho, I am glad she isn't sick then! I was so worried. Thanks a bunch!
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No problem. lol Just be sure she gets the rest she needs. I know it's hard, I raise livebearers as well, but try not to check in on them, sudden light in the tank can freak her out. It's possible she decided to hold, but often they'll release if the lights stay out a while.Just wait until the next morning to turn them back on, it shoudln't hurt anyone to go a day in the dark or without food. ^^;

If she doesn't give birth by the next morning, I suggest letting her loose...put the male guppy in the net. LOL That's what I do if I have a mom I don't want to move and someone picks on her, I just dump the jerk into a net. It's actually a really good idea to have an empty, cycled and planted 10-20+ gallon tank for a birthing tank, move the parents before they get too big, as gently as possible a week or two before they're's hard to tell, really, livebearers can hold multiple broods and give birth twice a month(usually only once, but I've had them give birth twice in a month on about a dozen occasions), that way nobody is there to pick on them, enough space for mom so she doesn't freak like they often do in breeders, and the babies have plenty of room and cover to hide in.

Do you have food for them? Hikari First Bites is good, it's practially is dust. LOL Small enough for little babies to eat. You can also mush up fish flakes, and give them baby brine shrimp or blanches greens that are soft enoguh for them to rip apart. Be sure to do a bit of extra cleaning too, babies like nice clean water(I usually take out about a gallon or two a day and change that, vacuum a quarter of the substrate in the bad areas twice a week and suck out all uneaten food within the hour with a turkey baster ^_~).

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I will try the seperating the guppy then. I know all my girls will be happy while he is. He is such a needy boy. As for the fry food, I usually feed my guppy fry mashed up flakes. I always keep about a month's worth handy and make more when it gets low.
I just woke up so crossing my fingers that she had fry! ^-^
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No fry and the mama platy is still very pregnant. I guess the stress made her postpone the labor
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Well, the best thing to do when they hold is let them be, and not in the net, make things as comfy and peaceful as possible for her. There is a risk of one getting stuck and killing mom when they pause after going into labor, but it's not extremely likely. If she's still going good, the chances are that didn't happen.

I do wish you luck! Let us know how it turns out. Hopefully you'll have a bunch of little wigglers bouncing around soon. x) I just love hearing about baby fishies. I've got a few batches I'm still raising, but it seems my sudden influx of babies has chilled out. Which is good...I lack anymore room. I gave away like 50+ a few weeks ago and am still very pressed on space, and I have a couple Black Barred Endlers about to pop and some baby shrimp on the way. Always fun to have babies around, just try not to get yourself too pressed for space, I certainly do that often. :3

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I have no idea what happened. She seems to have dropped all her fry as her stomach got really flat, but I can not find a single fry. And now she is just huddled up in a corner with her scales raised. I separated her into a bucket with tank water that has extra salt. I hope she will make it. I don't know why this all happened so suddenly. :(
On a positive note, my female guppy is all squared off and ready to drop. I expect them within this week. :)
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With her scales raised? Like an expression for her being afraid, or are her scales actually raised? If her scales are actually sticking up, she could be badly injured or have dropsy. It'd also explain her large tummy if she had dropsy, but they don't usually delfate like that and then get pineconed.

It's very common for them to drop the brood and not get any surviving babies if you have other fish in the area. Sometimes other fish will literally follow the mom around nipping at her behind the entire time she's giving birth, eating all of the babies. Check under decorations and such, you may find some.

As for mom? If she's just stressed from the whole situation, you should really stop moving her around. Moving them around makes it even worse, even if it's to "a better place" for her. It could well kill her, best to just let her be, or block off part of the tank and let her relax. Unless she's sick anyways. And if she's got dropsy and her scales are puffed out already, there is unfortunately no hope for survival, and no real treatment for the disease to begin with since it's usually a sign of many(basically a cruddy immune system leads to a lot of nasties at once).

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It's just instinct to move them if I notice signs of sickness. :/ I can't help it. Do I put her back if she is already in the bucket? I don't want her to get bullied or stressed out even more. I hope she will be ok. And she looks a little pineconed, I eill snap a picture tonight
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