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Well 2 alredy died....

PH is 7.6 (the exact same ph they were at in the store BTW)

Temp was 65*F

The tank has a small carbon filter in it, I rinsed it first...

I accumulated them slowly 1/4th of a cup of water every 15 mins for one hour.

I got a heater for the tank today at walmart, maybe they were too cold :(

Not sure how I manged to kill 2 of them already, although one looked sickly in the baggie when I got home (15 min drive)

2 Gallon - Beta Bite - (3/6/10) VT Male.
Tetra 2-15g heater, UGF + Penn Plex SWF, 3 Silk plants, 1 rubber plant, 1 bio-ball.
1 Gallon - Ghost Shrimp x 3 - (3/20/10)
UGF + Penn Plex SWF, 3 Plastic plants.

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Shrimps are really sensitive to new tanks. They like established tanks. I would get 3 male endlers like black bar endlers or feeder guppies. They are smaller then regular guppies. Do not get any females because they will breed. 3 small endlers would be perfect or 3 espe's tetras or better yet 3-4 white cloud tetras as they are hardy and people use them to cycle tanks and they like hard water and like cooler temps in tank. White Cloud tetras, Zebra Danios or endlers in a small group of 3-4. Snails are cool except they breed to fast and your tiny tank will be over run by them. I like Assassin snails they breed only if you have a male + female and they are pretty looking and interesting. You will have to provide other snails for them to eat or protein food like earthworm sticks or bloodworms. Any of these 3 would work unless you like the ghost shrimps them you will have to have an established tank and they need to be accumated to your take slowly and you will need a heater which they do not make for such a small tank.White Clouds would not need a heater as they can be in water temps of 60-80 but prefer cooler temps. Get low light plants like Java fern, java moss tied on driftwood or rocks with fishing line. or Anubias. Anacharis, Hornwort is good to keep the water good as it sucks out fish waste faster than fish can excreate them. Carbon dioxide, Ammonia, Nitrites,Nitrates and Phosphates all go into these fast growing foliage.

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