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I'm not denying the science - just merely pointing out the total lack of any real life aquarium examples. I used to be extremely involved on these fish forums for several years - not a thread was posted that I didn't see. Anyone who's been in my position knows that you see threads posted about EVERYTHING. Again, I'm not denying that hydrogen sulfide can be produced in an aquarium - I'm suggesting that the absence of examples of this tragedy indicate the "problem" is a theoretical one, not a practical one.

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing, doesn't go away"

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Originally Posted by jaysee View Post
I highly doubt that it's a trumpet snail. Looks like a small rabbit snail to me. Aside from the fact that the shell is different, there's only 1..... no one has just one trumpet snail. Shame you got rid of it.

The only reason why you would have prolific breeding of trumpet snails is due to chronic overfeeding. Otherwise, they reach an equilibrium with the amount of available food. Rabbit snails are not going to breed like that, not at all.

I agree that corys will do a better job at stirring the sand than the rams, but I disagree with the need to actively stir the sand. "Poisonous gas pockets" are something that everyone warns about, yet NO ONE experiences. We see people post about every stupid little thing that comes up, yet we NEVER see posts about that. Perhaps that's the ONE problem that EVERYONE manages to avoid. Or perhaps it's just not a real problem to be concerned with.

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing, doesn't go away"
Thanks for your message I didn't get a notification.

I still have it it's been in quarantine for 2 weeks and still only one. After this post I might stick it in my display tank

Thank you

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