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snail falling apart

first of all,my snail is falling apart.literally. i found it this morning sitting at the bottom with the brown flap thing that acts like the door to the shell detached and sitting in front of the snail.he has been flipping over and not coming out of his shell for days before this hes not doing anything at all. do snails molt or something?can this be harmful to my other fish?
thanks ahead of time
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Your snail is likely not getting enough calcium. This will not affect your fish, but it may affect other inverts that you have living in the tank. You will want to increase the calcium available.
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Just to add - you can get calcium supplements to add to the tank from your LFS :)

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ok,will the brown thing grow back?and also is it worth it to get the calcium stuff,or is it expensive?also will this benifit to my other fish?
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Calcium suppliments cna also be added by getting powder calcium from your local pharmacy. I use calcium citrate and my snails have been recovering form their erosions nicely and my new snails are growing helthier and stronger than ever.

As for the door thingy, I cant help you there. If the snail does recover and grows it back then it would be nice to hear the progress.
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It is called an operculum, and no, snails don't molt. It sounds like your fish are not playing nice with your snail. I would remove him to another tank or put him in a breeder net immediately. Fish will nip at his exposed body. It is possible for an operculum to regrow, though it will be smaller and bumpy.
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Are you sure he's not dead? That's what they look like when they've just died. :(
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rue was right,i was moving him and he fell out of his shell,or at least what was left of him.its ok, it was just a snail. does anybody know what could have went wrong?
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I've become rather fond of my snails...they're on my desk, so I spend a lot of time watching them...

Snails can die of many things...old age...disease...starvation...parasites...cracked shells and the resultant bacteria infection...being picked on by fish - injury and or stress...
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Another thread has been created for shell erosion.:)

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