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Detached operculum - gold mystery snail

My gold mystery snail is dying, I'm quite sure, but I don't know why. He is in a 20 gal bare bottom tank with another adult mystery and 7 juvenile snails. I do 2 partial water changes per week and feed snail jello and fresh veggies. All have been thriving. No strange behavior from the gold at all, then this morning I found him on his side, he sometimes rests partially out of his shell but not on his side so I thought it was odd but wasn't too worried. I checked him a bit later and he's pushed way out of his shell with the operculum completely detached. He then tried to crawl around a bit but seems unable to. I know he's dying but I don't know how or why this would happen. I would like to keep this from happening to the rest of my snails if there is a known cause.

I doubt it is old age, I just got him in September with 5 other adults and he was not fully grown. I did lose my 3 females fairly quickly. They were large so age may have been a factor for one of them. The other two were unhappy with the 5 inches of space for egg laying, I assume, and died after falling to the tile floor. They had all been laying clutches that I had been destroying because my 2nd tank wasn't set up or cycled yet and I had no place for babies at the time.

I'm completely stumped. I'd like to try to figure out if there is something that caused this or if it is just a fluke. The juveniles in the tank are slated to go to the lfs. I have roughly the same amount of juveniles and a 3rd adult male in a second tank. Everyone seems to be healthy and thriving. But so did my gold one until this morning. Any thoughts?
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By the time I he was hanging out at the water line on the glass. He seems to be behaving normally for the moment. Am I just freaking out? These little guys are my babies and I love them!
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Sometimes they slow down or go into a sort of hibernation. I've had them close up for a week and then start acting normal again. If they're like that, pick them up and take a whiff. They'll sink if dead. Make sure to set them down upright. Snails are sensitive to ammonia and temp changes. Females need a fitted lid for sure. What else is in the tank: Heater? Filtration? What's your test kit read? Mine enjoy driftwood, plants, sand. O2 could be low if they're hanging at the top or due to water chemistry.
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