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If your snail is gold in color it is either a pomacea bridgesii or cana. Canas will devour plants, brigs will not.

Oftentimes first clutches are "practice" and won't hatch. Even that small a clutch contains about 100 eggs. If you're concerned about the number, it is much kinder to freeze the clutch and dispose of it than be ill prepared to take care of so many. Snails are MESSY! :)

I've never had success with the ziplock bag method but float them on styrofoam in a breeder net. I believe Fish4all is following this now too. The earliest they will hatch out is about 8 days in perfect conditions; they will always hatch by 4 weeks. Mine typically are about 20 days.

Good luck.
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well this isn't her first clutch due to me calling her previous owner and asking, she's had about 3, 2 of which hatched due to the other owner never seeing the ledging on the tank.

She must be a Brig because she never bothers any of my live plants. And they are most typical.

Yes I can handle the babies. And my LFS said they will take any off my hands that I need rid of and I know the owner, so I know he will take good care of them.

The eggs have little black/brown dots in them now, Idk if thats good or bad... It's been almost 4 days now.
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Well those little black dots are now a bit bigger so I think I'm having success due to what I've looked up about their development :]

They have a 10 gallon (been running over 6 months, just empty right now) as their home when they hatch :]

I'm excited!
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ha she laid another clutch today, just a tad bit bigger, but neither are very large, maybe 25 eggs on the surface.

I just let it harden and put it in the bag with the other one, I removed the male a day or two ago and put him in the 10 gallon so hopefully she may only have a few more clutches and be done with it ha.
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ive always really wanted to have some baby snails but sadly i only own my lonely snail, hes a beast though.
if you wanna see a pic:http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b8...8/DSCN0826.jpg
you can see his leg pretty well.
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ha hes really cool, my 1st clutch looks alot like the picture up there ^^ now, so hopefully i'll have little snails soon :]

I'm so excited that my first clutch is actually a success so far!
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well i'm a mommy!!! (puffs out chest)
The eggs were looking cracked so I freaked out and put them in a glass, and then they started hatching outward :] so I broke open the clutch and they all fell out and after I got a little 3 gallon tank ready (just live plants, no gravel or anything) I put the cup in there and they crawled out :]!!!!

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congratulations on being a mommy :D
now remember the bed time stories etc lol
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Roughly how many do you think you have?
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ha thanks :]

Eh 35-50ish I'm not too sure.

They are already a tad bigger, still tiny ha.
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