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Originally Posted by edevingo View Post
I have heard of them yes and Im actually 45 min away from were it will be held. I'll put the date in my phone. There's one LFS that sells mature cichlids but they are pricey and at this point I wouldn't feel right trying the juveniles. I lucked out last time, I purchased 6 and I knew they were small but it wasn't until I got home and next to mine that I thought oh no this might not be good. Thankfully though they pay them no mind and the larger guys can't reach them in certain areas anyways. That being said I'd love to go. Have to remeber to put some money aside!
As far as the goldfish, I found that out online regarding tank size for them and I was shocked to say the least. These 2 are prob 2 inches long not even. They don't seem to be growing anymore. How long can it take them to grow to full size? ? If they are already stunted what should I do? I have a biowheel on that tank and I do 30% water changes every other day. I will look for a larger tank, my son would never allow us giving them away, he's 9 and taking an intrest in the hobby. He's actually obsessed with one of our Peacocks because I think she's holding, so everyday he needs an update on her status and when I'm removing her so her and the fry are safe. He already watches to much YouTube. Lol.
Thank you for the info!! And I imagine we will chat again.
And yes New England or Yankee' s. Lol. I'd imagine your not blessed with a WICKED beautiful Boston accent though. Lol Thankfully I don't hear it!
Ahha, nah, I've got the Rhode Island accent; losing the 'r's occasionally and I still say "wicked" quite a bit! Plus, love me some coffee ice cream or coffee milk!

Have you heard of Tropic Isle? I think it's a bit out of the way for you though, it's in Framingham, MA. It's about an hour and a half from me but I visit on occasion, beautiful store. It's a bit pricey but they typically have pretty much everything you can dream of. Them, Uncle Ned's Fish Factory in Millis, MA, and the Underwater Discount Fish store in Silver City Galleria in Taunton, MA are the only stores I know of up there.

On the goldfish, it usually takes roughly a year to hit full maturity size. They should grow pretty quick in the first half of the year and slow a bit towards the end of the year. They will continue to grow after that year of course to fill out.

Once you get a bigger tank for them, they should have a nice growth spurt and continue to grow as space allows them to. Lots of protein in their food at this stage and veggies to help them pass their food. Goldfish don't have stomachs so they need lots of fiber to help everything through ^_^

Because they're regular goldfish and not fancies, they don't need a heater so you don't need to worry about that. But yes, lots and lots of filtration are needed because goldfish are messy little buggers! Both in eating and mostly, pooping. They're made to graze on plants all day long in the wild. You can use dried seaweed for food as well. Do you still have the 30 gallon open to use? If so, get them into there and that should help out tremendously!

The 20 gallon plus 10 for every goldfish after doesn't apply as well for the common goldfish since they get much bigger than the fancies do. So, ideally you should get a 30 gallon for one and 20 more gallons for every goldfish after roughly. So, a 55 would be alright for the two commons. So, you can upgrade as you go or get a bigger tank, even a 40Breeder might be okay for some time. I know it's a pain and certainly none of us are made of money (unfortunately lol) but when you can, when you upgrade that will definitely help out the growing issue.

Also, are you sure they're 15 gallons? It's quite an odd size to find! They aren't overly rare but definitely less common than the 10s or 20 highs ^_^

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