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stocking ideas

Hey guys,

I, about 3 weeks ago bought a Juwel lido 120 and moved everything from my established 10g breeder into this included 4 guppies, a lampeye killifish (the others died shortly after i bought them, they were very scarily skinny) and a cherry shrimp colony that has been thriving for about 2 years now. i left the old sponge filter in until today and filled the filter to the brim with different grades of filter sponge as the stock filter pads didnt seem like enough.

It is fairly planted with a big clump of java moss, rotala rotundifolia, bucephalandra mini red, anubias nana petite and about 6 other plants i dont know the names of.

This week i added 2 guppies and a celestial pearl danio as my lfs had a bad batch and it was the lone survivor and has been there since before i bought this tank.

I was wondering what you guys thought about putting in another 4 lampeyes and 4 CPD (celestial pearl danio) into the tank?

Any help is appreciated!!!
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4 lampeyes and 4 danios sounds pretty much perfect, honestly! I'm not sure what else you would want to add other than more of the smaller fish.
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Awesome, i was unsure if it was gonna over stock the tank. Now the question is will they breed but i guess we will just have to wait and see!!!
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With 120 gallons, it'd be pretty hard to overstock it. Generally, if your water isn't getting gross and the tank's parameters are fine (nitrate, ammonia, etc), and the fish aren't being aggressive (can be a sign of crowding in peaceful-ish species like guppies), then you should be good

Good luck with the breeding!
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