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Unhappy Maddy2375

Hi Everyone! I am new to forum and not sure where to go, I just started a new fresh water tank 4wks ago and I am having major issues with cycling, Not sure where I need to post questions?
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How did you try to cycle it? What are the readings? Tank specs?
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Hi, my tank is actually getting better... I think! I tried to cycle new tank with API quick start originally and assumed by directions that I could add fish, which I did. 4 to be exact, all small about 1 inch. My tank is 46 gallon Bowfront. Needless to say my ammonia spiked VERY high. After reading different online sources I started doing daily 30-40% water changes. My ammonia was still high but I had started using prime(which was my best friend for the last 2wks). I added two long air wands after reading prime is great but can reduce O2 in tank. My ammonia was still reading 2.0(which is Much better then then the 8 it spiked to) last week. I got a seachem Ammonia alert, and continued daily prime dosing and water changes. Last Wednesday I had ammonia and nitrite present. Kept going with the prime and water changes. I read some more info on line and decided to Do 50% water change, use prime then after 24hrs I used Tetra safestart Plus(whole bottle). Within 48 hours my ammonia was gone but my nitrite was 5 which is where it was for 4 days with nitrate at 5. I decided to do 60% water change and cleaned some subtrate yesterday at 6:30 AM. I can say my numbers are coming down significantly now, my ammonia is still 0, Nitrite.25, and Nitrate 5. Im hoping these numbers are indicating that I am in last stage of tank cycling.
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Sounds like it. Yikes that went high (8ppm!). I do fishless cycles with bottle ammonia and bacteria. Faster, safer, don't have to watch things as closely. Leave the substrate/filter be when cycling. You could remove the bacteria colonies and start the cycle over.
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Scary! Is it okay now?

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