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Hello from the Big Sky

Been back in the fish hobby for about 4 months now since I resued my first betta from Wal-Mart. Now have 3 betta tanks and setting up a 36-gallon bow front with a DIY custom sump.
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Nice. Do you have a stocking plan?
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It's so sad to see those poor betas in Walmart. Every time I see them I want to buy them all just to rescue them. Unfortunately they don't seem to thrive very well once you get them home. At least that's been my experience. Maybe I was doing something wrong. I finally gave up and now have nothing but fancy goldfish (Sooo dirty but very hardy) and a bottom feeder. I have a 150 gallon tank that I bought at a flea market. It was a GREAT find! I've had it for over 10 years now.

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I have 2 bettas now that I rescued from Wal-Mart. They both seem to be thriving and enjoying their 5 gallon tanks. The third betta, a white dragonscale, I got from my LFS. All three beta tanks are planted, with the newest one just sprouting the seeds that were planted in the tank. I am working on a stocking plan for the 36 gallon and I just picked up a 10 gallon brand new setup for $10 with heater. I think the 10 gallon will be a guppy tank fully planted.

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I envy your ability to keep small tanks stable. Anything less than a 25 is unmanageable for me. Probably due to my black thumb.

Consider mollies for the 36. They get fairly large and are peaceful.
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