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Greetings from Roanoke Virginia

Hello folks. I recently retired and am trying to get back into the aquarium love again after many years away. I知 sure I値l hav3 a lot of questions going forth.
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Hello J...

Recently retired myself after working for 43 years. Taught school. Was in the Navy and worked in construction shipping. Have had my tanks for quite a few years and I really like playing with them most of the day now. If I can help out in any way, please let me know.

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Thanks for the reply. Ex marine here (Vietnam). I do have a couple of questions. Actually a lot but I値l start with a couple.
How often do you do water changes?
Do you just add water dir3ctly to the tank or dechlorinate it first?
How much water do you change?

I have a fluval canister filter and a power filter on the side. I have a 29 gallon tank runn8ng now but I知 wanting to start a 75 gallon cichlid tank late spring .
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Hello again J...

Thanks for your service! I was stationed on an aircraft carrier, the USS Ranger. We had a Marine detachment onboard.

Anyway, I change half the tank water every week. This is the only way to keep the dissolving fish waste from building up and stressing the fish. I'm old school. I add the water treatment to five gallon buckets and allow the water to sit for a couple of hours before it goes into the tank. While the water is sitting in the buckets, I drain half the water from the tank and also clean the filter.

I've never used a canister filter. They're out of my price range. I use dual sponge filters or filters that sit inside the tank. They're inexpensive. I have 10 indoor tanks and a pond outside.

Cichlids are nice fish. My brother-in-law kept them for years. I keep all kinds of fish from Guppies to Fancy Goldfish.

Keep the questions coming. I'm never too busy to talk fish.

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