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Black Algae cause and cure

Just finished converting to live plants in my 55 gal freshwater tank and still experiencing buildup of a black algae that seems to like broad leaf plants, previously like the plastic plants of the same type. Has attached itself to all of my broad leaf plants and has stunted the growth of them. I have tried to gently rub the black coating from the leaf surface of these plants with some limited success. The chemical algae remover does less than desireable things to my fish at the recommended dose and frequency. Makes them sluggish and reduces appetite for about half the species in my tank. I have diligently removed the black yuch from the glass sides and ends of the tank. Previously had the UG and hanging filter in service and disconnected the UG filter when I introduced live plants, encountered some kind of toxic buildup in the tank system partly due to a heavily clogged hanging filter, got side tracked with a residence expansion project. Washed out the foam filter with tank water and replaced the carbon filter pack and the sudden deaths reduced drastically. 2 weeks after that experienced another 2 fish dying off so cleaned the foam filter again and reinstated the UG filter system for all 4 segments in the tank. During this scenario tested the water for ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite and PH occasionally using the API color testing kit, all parameters were within the recommended range. During this period I cleaned a lot of the black algae from tank and plant surfaces. and did quite a lot of water changes, 5 gal every few days and vaccumed the bottom areas to clean up the black algae residue that was generated from heavy cleaning activities. Would be interested if others have experienced BLACK ALGAE outbreaks and how they dealt with that problem. Have cut down on the quantity and duration of lighting which seems to be helping a little.
Any advise would be appreciated as obviously I need some input that will help me address this issue.
Many thanks.
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