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Genos, thanks again for your candor. That's what our instincts were telling us. The Oscars just look too big to be comfortable there, and after a little research, I was fairly confident they'd eat all of our little guys. It's tragic because up close they're quite beautiful. Luckily the same mom and pop shop that sold us the loach (whoops) also takes in fishes whose owners can no longer keep them. They have the biggest pleco I've ever seen in there, that sucker looks like a dinosaur, and said they're waiting for someone with a pond to come around before they sell it. I feel confident they'd handle these guys the same way.

The current owner is including a back hanging filter and a canister filter with the tank, along with the heater, light bar, glass top, and stand all for $200. That seems like a great deal compared to pet store prices, but I'd feel better hearing your opinion on it. He only uses the back hanging filter right now because he said that air got in his canister filter and it makes a strange noise now (????). We are heading to see a different tank tomorrow evening and then making a decision on which to get. I'll add details once we see the second one.

Other than two more loaches to give ours a buddy I don't think we're planning on buying more fish directly after starting up the larger tank. We just want to get the ones we have (specifically the plecos and loach) somewhere comfortable for all of them.
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Sounds good. If he's telling the truth about the canister, it just needs to be rocked a bit when in operation to remove any trapped air. Some canisters require the customer to screw in the motor which could also be causing problems, both an easy fix if nothing is damaged. LED lights are expensive, so try to find a tank with light, stand, and top. I'd spent $100-200 on that and then filter and heaters (two smaller ones are better in a large tank) total about $90, give or take. Just keep that in mind. If they're new you know they'll work and most come with warrenty:) If you want to add those guys soon, add a whole bottle of bacteria and gravel/filter media from your other tanks. Bacteria lives on surfaces not in the water.
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Hello! I'm back and happy to announce that we found a 60 gallon tank with a beautiful stand, filter system, light bar, top cover, sand substrate, bubbler machine, and a ton of other goodies. Its 48 inches wide and perfect for our little loach and plecos as well as the rest of our small community. We took the time to set it up and acclimate everyone and finally let them explore their new home. I'm adding pictures below! We ended up not choosing the tank that had the oscars. It just seemed like everything was in rough shape. However, this one did come with a small panda catfish and some kind of bottom feeder. The owners said it was a pleco but I cant find a single pleco on the internet that looks like this fish. Its maybe 2 inches long, has a stripe going down the side, and kind of looks like a shark except with a sucker mouth. If you have any idea what it is I'd be glad to know.
Besides that though so far so good. Everyone seems happy, active, and healthy.
The only things we're missing is a couple of buddies for our loach, and we're going to pick up a different heater because the one that came with the tank is technically not enough wattage.
I'll add some pics. Tell me what you think!
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Awesome! I've been looking forward to your update. There's so many types of plecos, try and snap a pic for us. I'm sure someone will know.
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