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Angel fish laid eggs in community tank

Have 4 angel fish in a 55 gallon tank with other fish and never attended on breeding these fish have gotten really lucky with fish put in this tank anyway my question is 1 if there left as is in this tank will the eggs then the wigglers then fry b safe and 2 if not how would i move the eggs being they were laid on the glass of the tank ive since put in a piece of pvc new cleaned with tank water and aquarium salt of course hoping they would move them there if not how do i move them sorry so long of questions
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You question is a little hard to read, but I'll give it a try.

When my angelfish lay eggs, they turn extremely aggressive, and will attack any other fish. You'll have to be extremely careful that they don't kill your other angelfish, and make sure there's plenty of hiding places for the other fish to hide. The other fish will eat the babies. If you want to keep them, you could try carefully removing them with a razor blade and putting them in a different tank. My angelfish lay about every two weeks, if I get rid of the eggs, so if you want to breed them, there will be other chances if this one fails.

Personally, what I do is a put a piece of slate in my tank in their favorite spot, and when my angelfish lay the eggs on it, it's a just a matter of simply taking the slate out and wiping it off. After a few hours, the angelfish pair settle down and become less aggressive again. I don't have any other angelfish in there with them, though, and I have heard that mated pairs can be rather territorial, so you'll have to watch those two around your other angelfish.

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