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Exclamation Snail help!

Hi all,

I am needing some advice/ help in regards to my tank

I have a 60litre tank with:
5x neon tetra
4x mollies
1x clown plec
1x hillstream loach
5x guppies with about 7 babies

and 100000s of snails!

First of all, is my tank overcrowded?

My water has been absolutely fine for a while now - initially got the tank about 3/4 months ago we have lost a lot of fish on the way but very randomly and when I check the water everything seems fine.

We got rid of a lot of snails and bought a new filter about 3 weeks ago (which is running alongside our old one so we don't lose the beneficial bacteria) and since the fish have been doing really well, apart from this week we have lost about 4 baby guppies (quite good sized babies!) and the snails have come back in the thousands! They died just after a water change as the nitrates were slightly high.

So I want to know if anyone has any idea why we randomly lose fish and if the snails could be the reason for the loss?

Any help is greatly appreciated! :)

Sophie :)
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This is a good site to figure out your stocking and such AqAdvisor - Intelligent Freshwater Tropical Fish Aquarium Stocking Calculator and Aquarium Tank/Filter Advisor. Hopefully the tank is planted, those species benefit from it. Hmm is the water your adding back the same temp? Even a small change can be deadly. I assume you're treating the water with conditioner. How large are your water changes? What was the nitrate level? Are deaths only right after water changes? Assasin snail will fix your issue or removing fish to another tank and chemically treating to kill the snails. I remember having to move fish/filters/heater to a large cooler (tub would work) for awhile and the tank was treated with bleach and then restarted. That way is a bit more risky and requires more work. Let us know how things go.
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Thanks Genos, that site is really helpful - yes the tank is overstocked!

To be honest we are very new to this and have avoided planted aquariums as a friend placed plants in theirs and lost all their fish due to the plants dying and causing a large spike in the measures. Do you have any advice on how to avoid this?

We are adding conditioner and the nitrate was 80

I think an Assassin snail sounds the best way for us non-experienced keepers!

Sophie :)
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Don't let nitrates get over 40ppm. Around 10-20 is ideal. The swing in tank chemistry could have killed them if not from nitrate poison. Most of us have made that mistake. I'd probably exchange all the guppies/mollies (htey breed like crazy) for a few tetras. They school nicely and there's different types that stay small. You don't need to worry about planting then. They like open swimming areas and will school around decor. Pothos plants can have their roots submerged into the tank or filter and that should help keep your tank in better balance. Make sure to be gravel vacuuming with nitrates that high, sounds like either not enough water changes or you're missing spots. Plecos are big waste producers and none of them are really a good match for a 10gal. The loach might not be a good idea either. You could do 3 corries and a nice school of tetras. Or tetras and a dwarf gourami. I always suggest looking around your local fish stores, take note of anything that interests you and go home and do some research. Store staff almost never give good advice unfortunately. That site is great to plug everything in and see if the fish are compatible.
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