64 litre temperate tank
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Aquarium Name 64 litre temperate tank
Year 2017
Tank Size Yi Ding
Model 64 litre blue crystal aquarium
2017 Yi Ding 64 litre blue crystal aquarium
History Dimensions (cm): 60 L x 30 W x 36 H
Volume: 64 litres
Filter: 1x Hagen Elite Hush 25 HOB filter
Lighting: 1x LED lamp
Temperature: 21-22 C
Substrate: Natural gravel
Decor: Pipe ornament
Residents: 8x white cloud mountain minnows (4x plain, 4x golden), 3x wed wag platies, 4-6 red cherry shrimp, pond snails
Plants: 2x bunches elodea, 1 amazon sword, 2 cryptocoryne
Additives used: Seachem Prime, Seachem Stability, Seachem Flourish, Root tabs
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