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You will have a hard time believing this

I have five aquariums. My main tank is a 40 gallon bow front. I have a little 2.5 gallon in which Java Moss does well. I guess it has the lighting the moss likes so I move moss there to rejuvenate and then back to where it came from. I usually need to cut it and throw half away. Next to it is a Betta tank and next to that is a 5 gallon nursery. The nursery has produced a lot of Platys and Mollies. A couple weeks ago, I thought I glimpsed a baby Molly in the moss tank but then couldn't find it. And how could it jump out and over and in?

I was working last night setting up a tank for shrimp. I pulled up a big mass of moss, cut it off and moved it to the new shrimp tank. I couldn't believe what was exposed. It was a baby Cory. I have Bronze Cories in the big tank but this fry has brown spots. It's about 1/2" to 5/8" long. Where did it come from?

I've read that in nature, wading birds can move fish species when eggs stick to their legs. Do Cory eggs stick to plants. Does anybody have a guess where this little guy came from?
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That's cool, post some pictures. It does sound like a bronze cory. Baby corydoras usually look different from parents and start getting colour as they grow. Obviously, it happened when you moved the moss. Corys will stick eggs to plants if they look nice more preferably than to a glass.
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Thank you for verifying what I was guessing. I was lucky enough to get a fertilized egg out of the bowfront before it was eaten. Really good dumb luck. I'll see if I can get a picture. For all I know, there might be more than one. I have never had fish in this little tank and there is a lot of debris from the moss. When I move the moss, a cloud forms. I'll take the moss out and let the cloud settle and then I'll take a good look.
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Yeah, that was great timing when you moved the moss. You might have some more, but if not that's still amazing especially when you don't plan to do this. It just shows that you're taking good care of your tanks, congrats!
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Thank you for the compliment. They take a fair amount of work but the reward is great. I've had aquariums almost continuously since I was around 10 years old. That makes it 59 years that I've had tropical fish.

I moved the moss tonight. I have only one baby Cory but this still tickles me. I was wrong about it's color. It has a brown head and black spots over it's back. I took a bunch of pictures. The Cory blends in with the bottom but I'll try to crop out a picture tomorrow.

Now I have to do a water change at my GloFish tank. Last night my youngest grandson dumped an entire container of food into it. This tank has done incredibly well. It has 10 GloFish that have grown large, 5 Red Wags from my nursery and 2 Corys. It is only a 10 gallon tank but it's heavily planted and I take good care of the water.

This is another tank that might have been the source of the fry.
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