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What should I do with my fish?

Not long ago, I had a bunch of danio fry hatch which I have in a breeding net however I have almost 30 fry now. I'll have to find a home for them if they become big enough but I don't want to have anymore fry. I do love my fish but at the same time I don't want them breeding. What should I do?
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Oh dear!
(Disclaimer: I have never personally owned danios, this is mostly from googling and general fish knowledge)

First off, is it a kind of danio where you can sex them? If so, you could separate males and females before they breed more. In general, fish females are rounder and duller in color, whereas males are longer, more streamlined, and/or brighter.

If I understand correctly, adult fish might also eat the fry or stop breeding on their own if conditions change. Usually you have to try to get them to breed, and they just go about their lives otherwise. Do they have plenty of room? Are your water parameters stable and healthy? If I were in your shoes I might look up breeding tutorials and make sure I'm not doing any of the things they suggest.

You could also try selling your excess fish, some local pet stores will even buy them directly (for very cheap, mind you, since they have to make a profit). If that doesn't work, some rescue organizations accept fish, if you find yourself unable to keep them properly.

Good luck!
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Thanks for that :)

I ended up giving my adults to my friend and I gave all but 6 of the fry to the aquarium store! My levels are perfect in the tank (were in a 33g). I don't think I was doing anything to encourage breeding, just fed them their normal food :)
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I'm glad you got it figured out! :)
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