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Two new tanks, active stock?

My girlfriend told me we could get another tank for the bedroom. I found a used tank online that I'm waiting to hear back for, its a 100 gallon but if I dont get it, then my choice will be a 50g or a 67g ( four feet long is the length it will be ) it wont have sand, I'll use all this gravel I've collected so Corys are out of the picture.

I'm looking for groups of active fish I was hoping to fill the tank with lots of smaller fish. maybe a mix of mid and top dwellers. I already have harlequin rasbora so unless their price goes down I wont be getting anymore

also while I'm here I also have a 50 gallon with a red tail black shark and three synodontis jaguar hybrid catfish I was looking for something to add some activity to the tank. and grows to an inch and a half at least so they dont become food down the road.

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I recently acquired some Red Tailed Rasbora. They are schooling fish and love to play in a bit of current, which really shows off their sparkle. You might enjoy some of those in your tank - they get to about 2 inches.
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As far as groups of active fish, I would have to suggest Rainbowfish. They come in many different colors, I myself keep Red Irian, Lake Kubutu, and Boesmani.

As they mature their shape changes so that they grow taller as opposed to just longer. Their colors are magnificent. They are probably my most active fish. They follow me every time I walk by the tank. They are incredibly fast. They're also great community fish, as they get along with everyone. Just make sure tank mates are fast enough to get to some food before the Rainbows get it all.

I also recently got some Congo Tetras. They are gorgeous, get fairly large (huge for a tetra) and are fast schoolers. There are more pics and videos of both types of fish in my aquarium logs to the left.


Congo Tetras

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