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Stocking advice for a 10gal?


So I have a question that requires just a tiny bit of background.

I have a 10 gallon tank that currently contains 4 sterbai corydoras. They're happy, healthy, and active at a temperature of 76-77 F. The tank is planted, not super heavily but the hornwort and (what I believe is) purple cabomba are growing like weeds so I'm hoping it'll fill in soon. Also in the tank is a pretty big tiger lotus and another large plant that I constantly forget the name of, as well as a couple of moss balls.

I'm not 100% sure of the ammonia/nitrites/nitrates, but the last time I got it tested in a store (about a week ago) they said it was healthy (from an aquarium employee I personally know and trust, not just Petco or something).

So my question is: What other peaceful fish could I consider adding? Is it worth disturbing the equilibrium?

I'm limited by budget and space, so I want to be very confident about the fish before adding them so I don't have to move them to a whole separate tank like my betta. Also, since 10 gallons is relatively small, I wouldn't want to crowd or overwhelm the tank with a large school or large fish.

Fish would ideally be small, very very peaceful (I can't stand seeing fish chasing or harassing each other ), fine with plants, and happy in the high 70s.

Any suggestions? I know I'm being very specific, so it's okay if no other fish will work out! I'm perfectly happy with my cheerful little school
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A few rummy nose would be okay, but they prefer lower levels of the tank. You could consider one centerpiece fish like a dwarf gourami/apisto/ram.
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Thank you for the suggestions! It seems as if rams require much higher temperature, but I'll keep the others in mind
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I keep myGerman rams around 78F. Some breeders do too. Tank stability is key with very low nitrates/ no ammonia. I was also lucky to get them from a good breeder. The others are hardier however, so probably a good choice with the small tank size.
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