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Help me figure out the perfect tropical freshwater community!

Hi Everyone! Short previously to moving to college (4+ years ago), I had a 55 gallon cold freshwater tank which unfortunately was destroyed in a house fire.

Lately I've been missing it a lot and considering getting a 75 gallon and moving into tropical fish. I was doing a lot of research (being a university researcher) but am finding a lot of conflicting info out there. This is really concerning to me because I REALLY want to do it right this time and have accurate information about my fish!

I joined another forum to get some advice on some of the fish I was leaning towards, but I'm finding that even there there are differences in opinions! I came here to get some additional opinions as to what an ideal balance for my first tropical freshwater would be, I'd really appreciate your input!

I've ruled out tiger and green tiger barbs, since they seem to not fit in so well with some of the species I"m really set on...

So for sure I'm wanting..
6 peppered corys
6 boesemani rainbows
2 ram cichlids
1 blue acara

......and then here comes the conflicts...
I originally really wanted some angels, they're the whole reason I eliminated the barbs, but there's a lot of mixed info out there. Obviously there's the pairing off/aggression issue, but then I read somewhere that they're fine in groups, and someone advised that, but then another person advised that I get one, two max. What should I really be doing here??? Also, I really like both the black AND marble veil- is it okay to mix those or do they really need to be the same kind?

The other conflict was about gourami's. One suggested a trio of pearl gourami's to round out my tank, but then another said that was a bad idea and again to get 1-2 max. What do you advise here??

The acara I could do without, and the gourami's aren't of utmost importance (although I do like the pearl, powder blue, & neon blue dwarf variations), but the angelfish I'd really like to have.

Any advice here? Thanks to anyone that took the time to read that huge thing! I really appreciate all your pro input!
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I don't know much angelfish so I can't give you advise on them. With the gourami, you certainly can keep 3 without a doubt in a 55 or 75. I've kept 4 in a 50 without issues. If you do get 3, I recommend you get 1 male and 2 females.
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My experience with angels has been that a group of 6 is fine while they're young but once they mature be prepared to possibly rehome some. I ended up with one mated pair in my 55 after starting out with 6. I've just upgraded them to a 135 gallon and i've added 4 more young angels and so far no issues. The older mated pair are pretty chill with them and I haven't had any problems with aggression. They are cichlids and every one is different so you just have to be prepared to move some if needed. One of my favorite fish though and they are full of personality, especially the young ones.

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Oh....and welcome to TFK!

150 Gallon - Mostly American Cichlids
135 Gallon - Angelfish Community
75 Gallon - Odd couple (Polleni/Angelfish)
55 Gallon - African tank
20 Gallon Long - QT
10 Gallon - Empty
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Hey thanks for the replies everyone! Yeah, after further thought I've actually decided to remove the angelfish altogether. Although they're something I really want, it seems like it's just too risky to try to keep them in a community tank and I'd rather get a separate smaller (30-40) gallon for just a pair of them and some cory's instead.

So, this reopens my 75gal community options again...
I was thinking...
1 blue dwarf gourami (I had it as a pair, but I read that they may become aggressive towards each other and a lot of people have a single DG as a "centerpiece" in a community fish)
2 german blue rams
6-8 x-ray pristella tetras
6-8 boesemani rainbows
6-8 peppered cory (or sterbai if peppered still are too cool after removing angelfish)
and lastly...
some combination of tiger & green tiger barbs. I was thinking 5 & 5 (hoping they would school together as 10 since they are the same species, having read that the bigger the group the less aggressive they tend to be). 5&5 might be too many though, so maybe just 3&3 or 4&4 to have a standard school.

What do you guys think of that? Is that overstocked?? According to aqadvisor it's only like 82%, but i know that's just a very rough estimate. I don't see any other conflicts temperament wise though. I wanted to put one or two red/orange fish in since I clearly lean towards blue fish...but I couldn't find any suitable ones.

Also, what do you guys think about the levels?? I have the bottom-dwelling cory's but I think the rest are all mid right?? Any upper levels that would be a better replacement?

Thanks again for your responses!
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I think your stocking levels are fine. Rams generally stay near the bottom too but I think you're right about the other fish.
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