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Fish Recommendations Please?

Hello again!

So I currently have a 60 gallon tank and I have been thinking about more interesting fish I could add. Here is a list of the fish I currently have in the tank:

1 albino rainbow shark
6 tiger barbs (might plan on getting 1-2 more)
2 millennium rainbow fish
1 pleco

One fish I was thinking about getting was a Kribensis Cichlid. I know that most cichlids are very aggressive but there are multiple sources that say Kribensis Cichlids are a more peaceful fish. I was also thinking on adding a school of Cherry Barbs to the tank. Are there any serious or obvious problems that I might encounter? I just wanted to double check and see if these will be good additions.
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Okay here is an update

I just added a German Blue Ram and 9 cherry barbs to the tank last night and everyone seems to be doing fine. My tiger barbs' aggression seems to have gone down a little bit too but they are still a little peckish. If anyone would like to give any advice that would be great!
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Hello Evan...

Let me know how the Shark works for you. These are aggressive fish when they get older and need very large tanks. They're very demanding about their water quality. These guys will really go after smaller fish.

Good luck,

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Hello ManyTankKeeper

Thank you for the advice! Yes I have noticed that the Shark has gotten a little more aggressive lately. This tank is fairly new but it has been cycled and I have been doing water changes every week. Several years ago, I had a Rainbow Shark in a 45 gallon tank with no problems. I have also heard that pH can affect aggression levels. Is this true? Thanks again! I will take all the advice I can get!
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