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Dwarf Gourami help

Hi Guys,

One of my gouramis is swimming in an almost cramped style, floating around with little control at times, and resting next to plants/rocks vertically.

I've fed peas, seen him poo which looked fine, doesn't have his usual appetite.

Colour is still vibrant - all other fish look fine/not showing any signs of illness.

Anyone have any advice on what to do next, I was thinking medicating primafix and melafix? - details of tank below. Thanks in advance!

I have a 300 litre Aqua oak aquarium, I have 3 platinum angel fish, 4 dwarf gouramis, quite a few guppies (bought the angel fish to stop their population growth) 5 cardinal tetra and 5 black neons and 4 octocinclus.

The Tank is heavily planted, Ada substrate, I have injected CO2 use liquid fertilisers and root tabs.

The whole set up has being going for almost 2 years, I have a routine maintenance, needed to stay on top of all the plants.... I use DI water mixed with tap when doing 25% water changes - I live in london and tap water is pretty high with nitrates so have to use DI to control this.

Water perameters:
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 25ppm - no chance of getting this lower.
GH 80ppm
KH 100ppm
PH 6.9
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