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Counting Down The Days

My 55 gallon tank has been over-wintering some goldfish due to a pond emergency last fall. In the next week and a half, they will be going back outside tra la la. As is my nature, I have two over stocked tanks... a ten gallon and a 30 gallon. I want to transfer fish so as to have a good balance among all of the tanks and want to do it in the right way. Here is a list of the creatures I have.

3 blue Gouramis
1 Red Tailed Black Shark
3 Corys
6 Neons
4 Cherry Barbs
6 Black Tetras
4 Platys
1 Clown Loach
2 Dwarf African Frogs

I don't plan to add or delete anything from the list and all of the tanks are planted. Any advice would be greatly appreciated (and I promise I will listen).
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I have had experince with most of these fish and currently own a blue gourami.I would sugest puting 1 gourami in each tank becaues I have observed that most perfer to be alone.DONT split up the corys,I think they would do good in the 55 but need to stay in a group of a least 3.The neons would probly do better if kept together either in the 30 or 55 seeing as they like to be in groups but spliting them into 3s isnt bad either.I would keep the cherry's together.The black tetras could be split into 3s but preferibly in the group of 6.Platy's are very independent and do well alone or in groups(dosent really matter) but be carful if you put them in a group because I just got rid of my female because she kept giving birth and over running me with fry.put the clown loach in the 55 gallon because he will get VERY big and will need the room.I would also keep the barbs and tetra together because both are semi-agrresive.The platy and neons will go well together becaues both are peaceful fish.I would sugest keeping frogs in with platys and neons or you might wake up to find a frog with missing toes because the tetras can be nippers and will pick at the frogs.also keep the red tail shark WITH TETRAS AND BARBS because they can be agressive and need fish that won't tolerate being bullied. Hope this helps,if you have any questions please reply back.
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Yep. It's pond season again. I've been preparing my pond for a while now, too. I hope you have better luck with your pond this year. Now for your current fish (click on a shaded name for the profile; it will give you a lot more info including min tank size and compatibility):

3 blue Gouramis (Trichopodus trichopterus) --> One per tank, however they are too small for a 10 gal. If you have a male and female you can try them in the 55 gal.

1 Red Tailed Black Shark (Epalzeorhynchos bicolor) --> needs to be in the 55 gal, but you can't keep any other bottom-dwellers with it. This is going to create some problems.

3 Corys --> I'm guessing you have bronze cory as there are many species of corydoras. They will be fine in a group of 3, but 6 or more is better. They can't be with the shark. They can be in any of the tanks he isn't in.

6 Neons (Paracheirodon innesi) --> These can be in any of the tanks. They would do well in the 10 gal with the cories, but not much more can fit in there. Tetra can get nippy when crowded and not in proper group sizes.

4 Cherry Barbs (Puntius titteya) --> These will need to be in either of the larger tanks. You should also increase the number to 6 as they are a shoaling fish. As I'm not very familiar with them, you should check the profile for compatibility issues.

6 Black Tetras --> Do you mean black neon tetra? They are similar to neon tetra and would look rather nice in the 55 gal if you give them a few more black neon friends.

4 Platys (Xiphophorus maculatus) --> The number is fine, but you've got a water parameter conflict here as these guys need hard, alkaline water to survive long-term. Most other fish you have do best in soft, acidic water. They can fit in the 55 gal or 30 gal, but you've got to take water parameters into consideration.

1 Clown Loach (Chromobotia macracanthus) --> This is going to be a problem as they need large groups and get very big. These fish aren't recommended for anything smaller than a 125 gal. If you still want a loach there are smaller varieties, but your clown is unsuited for any tank you currently have.

2 Dwarf African Frogs --> keep these guys in the 10 gal as they need to come to the surface for air.


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I was speaking of what are now called black skirt tetras. In the the olden days, they were just called black tetras. I know they're nasty; however, I always thought their body shape was unique.
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Thanks so much. I'm giving the Clown Loach to a friend with a 125 gallon tank. Here's what I'm thinking based on your advice. When I say pair, it means male and female.
Pair blue gouramis
Red tailed black shark
6 Black skirt tetras
Pair platys

6 Cherry barbs
Pair platys
3 Spotted corys
! female blue gourami

6 neons
2 dwarf African frogs

I'm splitting the platys because one male is very aggressive toward the other.

Whadya think ?
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You should go back and see that clown loach when he is almost a foot long! They're an impressive sight to see! Now onto stocking:

55 gal
- The black skirt tetra (sometimes called Black Widow Tetra) shouldn't be with the blue gourami as the tetra will likely nip. And I can see some serious aggression going on if the gourami decide to mate. Males get aggressive during mating.
- Maybe bump the platies up to 2 females. So one female will have a rest while the amorous pursuits of the male are trained on the other female.

30 gal
- Sounds pretty good except add one more female to give the male something else to do.

10 gal
- Sounds great! You could even add another dwarf frog or two. They are more active in groups.

This is kinda like a crazy game of tetris. I'm going to try my best to communicate this. Maybe if you moved the black skirt tetra to the 30 gal and put the gourami and the cherry barb into the 55 gal things would be okay. It might be a bit of trial and error here.


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writings on fish and fishkeeping

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