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Buying Online

is it advisable to buy fish online? We only have Petsmart and the selection is very limited...lots of dead or dying in the tanks.
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Make sure it's from a reputable site and has some kind of live guaranteed. Shipping is expensive, and always go for overnight!
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If it is a good supplier then yes, I found online fish to be well packaged and healthy on arrival.

The only thing I would be wary of is the tempation to offset shipping costs by buying more. Where as shopping local you can stock a tank gradually over a number of weeks/months, buying online you will likely bulk-buy.
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Also be prepared for fish of smaller than advertised size. I got some geos once that were supposed to be 3in and were barely .5in. I was lucky to have a suitable community tank for them to grow out in. They would have been eaten in the intended tank.
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It also depends on what you are looking to buy. Some fish do not ship well and most fish do not ship well as adults. I have had good luck with fish from:
Hit or miss from:
And terrible luck from eBay.

I have also imported bettas from Indonesia.
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I 2nd I live local near them and have bought several fish there. Just ordered a dozen Forktail rainbows and picked up yesterday. They gave me 2 extra and 3 moss balls for free. Have gotten khuli loaches, peacock gudgeons, and some shrimp from them before too. Great quality and nice people. Shipping will definitely cost you though. Try to find a good shop within an hour drive or ask petsmart to order fish and go there the day they are delivered to the store.
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