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Algae Eater recommendation

I would like to acquire an algae eater for my 55 gal tank community, currently have 22 total occupants of corys, tiger barbs, serape tetras and FM betas. Would like to have an AE that will not exceed 3-4" in full growth. What would you all recommend? LFS includes pets mart , pets way, and a local chain pet store.
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Sorry no one has responded to your thread yet. I dont know if you already got an algae eater by now but I think plecos are a cool fish that will help clean up the tank very well. Bristlenose and clown plecos will not get very big and they are pretty common to see in pet stores. One thing to be aware of is that plecos produce a lot of waste so definitely make sure you are doing water changes.
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Hello fish...

Any of the Livebearing fish will eat algae. Plecos will too.

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Shrimps, snails, otos are all great and most of their species don't even exceed 2 inches in adult size. I have a group of otos and they are very cute, sociable and fun to watch. Some of them are active day and night, they just don't stop lol.

For your tank, if it wasn't already stocked, the true siamese algae eater would be the best choice as they're probably the best algae eater. They grow to about 6 inches but they like to be in a group. Pleco is ok, and not really as good algae eater and they also produce a lot of waste. Get pleco only if you like them as they can show great personality.

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