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Post Transferring fish from my 60ltr to 125ltr aquarium

Day 4
As a relative beginner (only a years experience) I will start my second account of new tank setup. This one however will cover decisions and pit falls of transferring fish directly into a new tank (this is not something I would NOT do if I had the space to run two tanks).

Pre-plan your move
I planned to use my original water, my two filters and my original gravel(to try and get good bacteria, so no washing of filters). Enough containers to hold yor water. Bags to put your fish in. Tapsafe to de chlorinate your water ( I nearlly ran short) ensuring you have enough for the following water changes.
I prefer a planted tank, in theory this will help with the water cycle, so I need substrate, enough to cover to 1cm depth. Also extra gravel to cover the base, plus any new plants you want.

The move
Pre built the new stand then I removed all plants and ornaments from the tank. I drained about half the tank, avoiding causing disturbance to the gravel. Then I caught as many fish as possible and bagged them up. I put my heater in one of my buckets and floated my fish bags in it till I was ready for them again. I then drained more of the tank, still avoiding disturbing the gravel. I have a glass chopping board which I used to coral the remaining fish so I could catch them easier, two nets are a must. When all the fish and as much of the water was out as possible, I brushed all the substrate and gravel to one end of the tank. Using a colander I put scoops of gravel and my old substrate in, using what water was left in my tank I rinsed the gravel to get rid of the substrate. As the old adage goes, rinse and repeat till all gravel is done. Remove old tank and replace with the new one.

The new set up
Put in new substrate and cover with gravel. Add new dechlorinated water and some of the old water, saving only the last bucket with fish bags in. At half full replant tank and add ornaments. 2 Tips when adding water put tea plate in tank and aim water at that, this will stop your tank being churned up and try and get new water to as near the right temperature as possible, saves time on heating the tank. Add heaters and filters. Add rest of old tank water and enough new water to cover heaters, switch on heaters and pumps. Float fish bags in tank to reacclimatise them then release fish and old water into tank. Fill to maximum level.

I use an app from Make your aquarium a success - Tropica Aquarium Plants, this reminds me of water changes needed over first 90 days.

40% water change yesterday.

Looking at fish today the colours are popping out and fish look happy and active.

I'm running three filters, two from my old tank and my new one, when my tank has completed its cycle I will still run two pumps.

I have discussed this topic before

Whoodst that my steed hath the speed of your tongue.


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One last thing for today. My LFS had 50% off on a co2 system so I will be reading up on this and will add this to my tank.

Whoodst that my steed hath the speed of your tongue.

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2 Months later

Well my tank has survived the move, I lost one fish after a water change, but apart from that all fish are thriving.

I have added new fish to my tank and they are all going well.

I have hit 2 problems one of which being algae groth on my plants and the second is a snail infestation. Neither of which is drastic.

I have added this tank to my aquarium log.

Also Ive been playing with my camera a taking pictures of my fish hopefully I'll upload some soon.

Whoodst that my steed hath the speed of your tongue.


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