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Fish & My 2 1/2 Tanks

Yea, so technically I have 3 tanks, but my third is a simple 5 g hex that I am keeping for when some of my baby guppies are big enough to go in (I'll get into this later).

My first is my 29 gallon. You can see from my signature what all my tanks hold.. but just to explore them a little bit more.

This 29g I call Dagger's tank for now, cus he is my showpiece fish. He is my Betta that is a bit more brawn than brains, lol. He grew on me after a bit though :P. He and my other Betta (Cousteau) I got when a friend gave them to me when she wanted to switch up her 5 gallon.. Yes they existed in the 5 gallon together for several months and survived, but Dagger's favorite past time was bullying Cousteau.

Since I had two tanks already I decided to take them. I have a soft spot for Bettas. So I started up this 29g first until I could get my 40g up for Cousteau. I also bought some neon tetras, Albino Corycats (another of my favorites) and a Brown Bristlenose Pleco to go with them and the Mom Guppy (Midge) that I introduced in a separate thread.


So, M-O is my Brown BNP (he/she is named after the little cleaning robot Microbe-Obliterator, a.k.a. M-O, that Wall-E meets on the ship). My BF named M-O inadvertently when I showed him my new fish and he went, "That is like that little cleaning robot in Wall-E."

I respond:

"That is the perfect name for it!" and run to look up what that robot's name was, LOL.

So, my 2nd tank is my 40 gallon Breeder. This is Cousteau's tank (Please ignore the ugly sponges I have wrapped around the intake, the tube is too long for the tank with the strainer so I had to make sure no fish got sucked up until I ended up finding a strainer for a different filter that fit).

Cousteau was named because I just graduated with a degree in conservation and my 40g has a tropically look to it with pirate skulls and is a fish tank, so I figured why not name him after a great ocean explorer?

Along with Cousteau are 7 Neon tetras (3 or 4 passed away), which I regret buying really, because they kinda look washed out in this tank. I prefer Cardinal Tetras MUCH more, so when these guys pass away I think I will get the CTs.

Here is a video of feeding time a few weeks ago:

Also, I have a Yellow Mystery Snail in this tank named Rabbit, on account of his speed (he moves pretty fast!) and his little antennae that look like cute little rabbit ears. I was going to move him to my 29g when I got the higher acidity under control, but he seems happy here and he matches Nimbus so I figured I's keep him in this tank.

Nimbus is my Albino Bristlenose Pleco. He is growing like a weed (at least I think he is a he so far, it is hard to get a good look at him, he is always moving around the tank).

My 5g eventual grow out tank for babies I have no more room for in my breeding boxes as Midge keeps popping out more guppy babies (until I separate the two sexes into either the 29 or 40):


40gBreeder: Cousteau (DT Plakat), Midge and her so far 5 babies (Guppies), Nimbus (Albino BNP), Rabbit (Yellow Mystery Snail), 7 Neon Tetras
29g: Dagger (Dumbo Veiltail), M-O (Microbe-Obliterator, the Brown BNP), 3 Albino Corycats
2 DSH Cats: Rowan & Jacob0

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Your group is amazing. I personally love how the 40g is coming together, it looks like it will mature nicely!

540L/140G - 'Tidal Jungle' (Crabs) | 254L/67g - 'Backwater Pool' (Fish/Snails) | 96L/25G - ''Twisted Minds" (Fish/Snails)

I've never had any problems with 'Impulse Buying'. They're just animals that I forgot I had planned to get.
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Thanks! Were you talking about the fish or the plants maturing for the 40g? If it was that plants, actually there is only one real one in that tank right now, hiding somewhere in between the plants on the right side of the tank . I tend to kill any plants I have within a few months no matter what I do. They usually take off nicely and I feel like I do a lot correctly and for some reason after a few months they just die. The fish lady at the store gave it to me for free and never told me the exact name of it, but said this plant is one she gives to people and it really is hard to kill and she typically just leaves it and it takes off (the plant actually looks a bit similar to the brown plant on the left side of the tank).

I am hoping it grows out on the right side of the tank to fill up the space behind the fakies (on the filter intake side of the tank). I have other fake plants I could fill in the tank with, but I am leaving it for now. The pic doesn't do the look of the plants too much justice I guess.

On the left side of the pic (where the output is) a lot of the plants looked smaller because the flow from the output was pushing them down, there is actually a large piece of upright driftwood behind and slightly to the left of cluster of fake plants on that side that you can't see too much for some reason in that pic.

When I moved where the flow of the output water was directed, all the plants came back up toward the waterline and look a little more filled in, but looking at it now with fresh eyes I might put something behind that purple plant on that side, but I don't know what I want to do for that yet.

I wouldn't mind trying out a few real plants again. Maybe I will have better luck now .


40gBreeder: Cousteau (DT Plakat), Midge and her so far 5 babies (Guppies), Nimbus (Albino BNP), Rabbit (Yellow Mystery Snail), 7 Neon Tetras
29g: Dagger (Dumbo Veiltail), M-O (Microbe-Obliterator, the Brown BNP), 3 Albino Corycats
2 DSH Cats: Rowan & Jacob0
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