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450 litre Planted Tank

Ok so I have a Juwel Rio 400. This is a 450 litres tank. I have Seachem Flourite Gravel.

Ok then the tank is setup the plants have been laid.

YouTube - Juwel Rio 400 Day 1 Fully Planted
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Very nice! Love the driftwood piece! The plants are nice too the tank has nice color!


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gotta go with the anubius,java ferns,java moss,windelov,bolbitis huedolotii, or riccia fuatians.....looking good...ADIOS..

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Ooh... i like that! Cant wait till i see the plants progress! :D
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very nice !!
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I agree it looks good and that is an awsome piece of driftwood.

Kindest Regards,

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A Small update with some growth :) after 8 days

Full Tank

2 new Nymphea Maculata

Rotala Indica Growing Fast

Some Greenery hehe

Any comments are greatly appreciated even if they are not good :)
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Some updates

Now I am dosing twice weekly. Also PH controller is set to 6.5 with KH 3.

Now in another aquarium is the following in the middle Pearling??

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Absolotuley amazing!! How long has it been set up??? What are the inhabitants and futre inhabitants??
Again amazing tank!!

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4 Mollies

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Right now inhibitants are an infestation of pond snails, 1x nerite snail, 7x assasin snails, 19 rummy nose tetras, 2 swordtails ( in the future i will remove them), 2x sterbai corydoras.

Future angelfish, more corys and some more tetras or harlequins.

Been setup with plants 15th September 2010.
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