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29G transfer to 55G Journal

First just a brief description.

This Fancy Goldfish I have named "Corsica" has been on a long journey with me. I bought her when she was maybe an inch and now shes nearly 7 inches! I've been a proud owner of her for 9 years strong now and never have kept a fish this long before. So I tend to spoil her whenever I get some extra cash in my pocket. It's sad that i dont have any pics when i first got her but, this is her when she was about 2 years old:

She started out in a 10 gallon tank on my dresser when I didnt know any better , I started gaining a little more knowledge on fish and realized the tank was way too small for her. Then I upgraded to a 29 gallon where she has spent most of her life in and has been very happy and grown tremendosly. Over the years I've seen her go from Bright orange to pinkish white and I've kept about 8-10 other fish with her and all have died except her. No mater what water condition shes been in, she's lived strong. This is her a few months ago:

Now today, I would like to say my fish knowledge is a bit up to par and decided its time to take that next extra step. A 55 Gallon!

The next few posts will be me showing pics of the transfer, feel free to chime in if you have any questions! Thanks for allowing me to share my story
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This is the 29 gallon next to the new 55 gallon:

As you can see it was gonna be a pretty difficult task to transfer over my current water, fish and gravel and still trying to manage to place in the same exact location as the 29 gallon.

First thing i did was the night before, I did a very good vacuming job on the gravel to make sure no fish waste was under since I didn't want to cause an ammonia spike.

The next day I started by rinsing the gravel in a 5 gallon bucket to make sure no dust clouds up my new tank:

Laced the new gravel FIRST:

Then after the new gravel was in place with a nice layer, I started the water transfer with my Gravel vac:

Filled up about 1/3 of the tank then stopped the siphon process so I can safely move the 29 gallon and stand out the way and carefully slide over the new tank. Was scared I was going to break one of the tanks during this process but luckily someone was on my side and I got it stationed w/no problems.

Then I continued to re siphon the rest of the 29 gallon water and once it was pretty low, I transfered the 2 fish. They were a bit stressed during the move but so far no loss Once the water was completely transfered i used a cup to scoop out the old gravel and seeded it with a nice layer over the new gravel that way my beneficial bacteria would still be in place. This process was about 1 hour and half total so I knew I had to use my cup to run tank water thru my filters every 15 mins to keep my bacteria alive.

Tested the water this morning and reading 15-20 Nitrates, no Nitrite and no ammonia it worked! After all said and done, walah I've got my new 55 gallon tank in place and looking stunning!

Pics with Backround off and on to see which I liked better:

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Currently in the tank is "Corsica" my 9 year old fancy and "Shadow" a Black moor.

Filtration is:

Aqueon Quiet flow 55- 325 GPH
Aqueon Quiet flow 50- 250 GPH
Total: 575 GPH little over 10x overturn

Over the next few weeks I might add a few more plants and maybe switch around decor. Also going to be adding a Panda Moor and a Red cap Oranda. That will probably be it since Orandas get quite big.

I'll make sure to keep adding pics as this tank progresses ! Thanks for reading my mini journal and hopefully if someone is trying to do a similar process and had questions about doing so they can benefit from the steps I took!
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Congrats on the successful move! Tank looks good, I think it looks better with the background!
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So do I... thanks for the compliment!
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Quick update...

So just when you think everything is running smooth, something back tracks you. (go figure)
Was going to add my Panda moor yesterday, but, first decided to test the waters again. It turns out I caused an ammonia spike somehow, ammonia was at 1.0ppm.

So even tho Goldfish are hardy fish, didn't wanna risk it and needed something done quick because Corsica's in there! I read a thread in here that Tetra Safe start worked for them and my LFS recommended it. So instead of getting the huge bottle, I got the one intended for 30 gallons since I already have SOME bacteria in the tank and just need to bring the ammonia down.

Apparently it works, I tested today and now the ammonia is down to .05
So we'll see the next few days..
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Corsica must of really got stressed during the move, looks like she might be getting signs of fin rot:

Not the best pics I know, so anyways don't have a hospital tank setup at the moment due to limited room so I have to treat the whole tank. Also didn't wanna damage the bacteria I have going or waste my money from the safe start so I went for the organic 7 day treatment Melafix:

And since the carbon in the filter pads cant be in the tank, i placed them in my 10 gallon community tank to keep the bacteria alive:

I'll keep you guys updated on the treatment, hopefully it cures Corsica! Which I think it will, the stages still look early, not as severe as I've seen em before.
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Good luck! Hope all goes smoothly!
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I am by no means a goldfish person, but that is one beautiful goldfish. Very nice looking tank as well.
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Wow, Corsica is HUGE! She made that 29 gallon look like a 10 gallon!

Sequin (m), Shortcake (f), Westley (m), and Sir Righty of Walton (m).
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