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Hello Nitrites! I've miiiissed youuuuuu

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When all you can do is just sit back and watch as one of your most anticipated plants just melts away (Proserpinaca palustris). -dies-
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More nitrites. Still waitin' for the 'trates (my tap naturally has 5ppm of 'trates). Making sure to watch that ammonia carefully so I don't starve my bacteria.

I suspect by the end of next week I should be good to go.
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cut my lights back from 7-7 to 10am to 4pm to hopefully kill the algae that's beginning to grow on my rotala. Once it's gone I'll increase my light from 10am to 6pm and that will give the tank 8 hrs of light. My fault with the algae as I was having the lights on fo 12 hrs (7am-7pm), its the same time that my reptiles' lights come on so I kept the same time, but soon realized that they should only be on for about 8 hrs LOL. OOOPS!

I'm picking/shaking it off as I can, but the rotala doesn't even look phased by it. I'm getting TONS of bright red 'buds' shootin out of the stems so that's good.

My mermaid weed as they call it(Proserpinaca palustris) is just barely hanging on. A LOT of it melted away. i snipped the healthy looking tops off most of them and replanted, I'm hoping they take root but it's not looking too good. There are 3 full stems of it left that have sent out roots. They're not looking too hot either, but I like to think that the development of roots will help them bounce back.

The pennywort is going bonkers, lots of new leaves, more new leaves than ones that are dying back. I'll have to remember to keep it in check heh.

I plan to pick up another nice piece of driftwood either tomorrow or wednesday (prob wed.) that I'll tie my Anubis too (it's currently in the substrate).

My nitrates are starting to climb, ammonia is almost being cleaned out in a 24hr period. No drop in nitrites yet, but it's comin'. This tank is getting a BIG cleaning after my cycle is done omg. It's so nasty. Thats what happens kids when your 'house' has no hose to clean the gravel with and you need to do it by hand it buckets. LOL!

Once it's fully clean I'll run it for a week dosing ammonia, just to make sure the bacteria bounce back after the deep clean before adding fish. I know ya' shouldn't super vacuum substrate, but there's so much DIRT balls in it right now that if you just bump a rock, a giant cloud of debris flies up into the water @[email protected] So it's getting sucked.

On another note... there's duckweed hiding in my pennywort... >_> I will find you... and when i do... I will kill you.
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Oh sounds like fun. I currently keep my tank on a 12hr period, and been doing fine. It really depends on the light itself, the tank, and the surrounding environment. Hopefully 8 hrs has a better success...

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I've never had any problems with 'Impulse Buying'. They're just animals that I forgot I had planned to get.
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I think its because my plants still haven't acclimated so they aren't using as much nutrients as they usually do, plus I have a very nice light that produces tons of light and it's on a shallow tank so I think the combination of those 2 things caused the algae. We'll see how the tank goes for the next few months, if the algae remains absent I'll start increasing the light again hr by hr and see what happens. :P
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