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Seeking heater recommendations

In the last month I have had two Eheim heater thermostat failures. They were less than a year old, different sizes, and in different tanks. They both stayed on past the temp I had set and over heated the tanks. I have pulled the last one and just set the house temp to 77.

Any experienced keepers like a different brand of heater?
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I live in New Jersey - I stopped using heaters several years ago when I forgot to put them back in after the summer. Only in our aquariums can fish get a constant temp all year long. Most of our aquarium fish experience a fluctuation of temperatures from summer to winter, so to have that happen in your house isnít necessarily a bad thing. Too, many fish are triggered to breed by the seasonal temperature change. Iíve found that the temps inside the house that I am comfortable with are also good for the fish.

But I donít keep any truly warm water fish, like discus or GBRs or whatever.

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If budget is not a problem then go for Fluval E series or Hydor inline heater. Here are some reviews for your convenience -
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1) No heater is not for me. With only base board heating, and a job that takes me out of town every week; I am not that brave.

2) I will look into that brand, thank you.
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