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Looking for most Quiet filter and pump combo

Over that past year I've thoroughly enjoyed the Fluval Spec V aquarium set-up. However, I want to switch to a 15 gal. rectangular tank because that is the max size that will fit in the space available in my living room.

The Fluval built-in pump-filter is beyond quiet. You literally can't hear a thing and it doesn't compete with TV, Stereo, etc. There isn't even noise from the water return. So, any advice for a super quiet pump and filter combo that would work best for my new 15 gallon? I'm presuming a hang-on-back filter is what I should be looking for? Also one that enable me to adjust water flow back into the tank. I don't mind mixing brands to get the quietest pump and filter combination.

Thanks for your help!!
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IMO, hobs can be noisy - splashing water and many tend to notice the hum produced by the motor.

I would look into canisters, a lot more user friendly in terms pf customizability, mostly all are quiet and they can be dialled back to suit your requirement.

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I agree canisters are the best. However, tough to match one to a tank that small. There are a couple of choices though. Sunsun hw-602/603 is a good one if you have a place for the filter to sit (floor, table, etc). If you need the filter to hang on the tank, then I would suggest something like the odyssea cfs 130 or the azoo external power filter (mini canister).

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Thx Jaysee, I'll check into the canister options.
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