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Fluval 06 Series Canister Filters... Why do the replacement foam pads look cheaper???

I am running a Fluval 206 on my 29 Gallon tank and a 306 on my 56 Gallon tank. I have had both for about 8 months and they were a huge upgrade from the Marineland HOB with the Biowheels. However maintainance has been more cumbersome and the Aquastop valves are Very fragile. The 206 had been seeping for about a month, But a bucket underneath has sufficed for the time being.

Recently I had to borrow 2 of the 4 foam pads from each filter in order to set up a temporary QT tank. When I bought the replacement pads, I could not help but notice how much coarser and how many more holes there were in the new pad. Why would this be? Could I have bought the wrong ones or could they have changed the designs? Heres a pic (new pad on the left, old one on the right)

Also, I know the maintenance guide also says you should change these every 6 months. Anybody else have one of these. Do you guys follow the maintenance intervals? Thanks!

56 Gallon Tank

--- 11 Rainbowfish ---2 Dwarf Neon, 2 Yellow, 2 Kamaka, 1 Goyder River, 1 Papuan, 1 Pygmy, 1 Australian, 1 Turquoise

--- 5 Corydoras ---4 Sterbai, 1 False-Julii

--- 5 Roseline Sharks

--- 3 Clown Loaches

--- 1 Blood Parrot Cichlid

Filtration: Fluval 306 Canister & Marineland Emporer 400 HOB

(Yes I'm Overstocked...) Anticipating a 90 Gallon Upgrade Soon

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I run pretty much nothing but Fluval filters on all my tanks, I have a 106,206,306,406,110 and a 50. I buy all my replacement media from Amazon because you can buy it in bulk much cheaper then at the petstore. Look for Hagen replacment filters its part of the same company as Fluval. I have noticed as well that the replacments are different but have not noticed any difference at all in the health of the tank or filters. As far as replacing them every six munch, I pretty much do, depending on how dirty they get by then. If you can, buy some replacement parts/tune up kits for your filters because you never know when you will need them. I would suggest getting a new o-ring for the 306 and this should fix the leakage issue. Good luck!

60 Gal-- 1 Maingano, 2 Clown Loach, 1 bushy nose, 1 Yellow Lab, 2 Acei and 1 brown Cichlid(unsure what kind)
27 Gallon-- 8 white skirt tetra and 4 albino cory,Bristlenose
29 grow tank, 2 Moorii, 1 Maingano, 1 rainbow sharks, 2 Bumblebee and 1 peacock
20 Gallon long-- Amazon biotope-in progress
10 gallon-- Med tank
120 gallon-- getting set up
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kmacF30 (04-12-2015)
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The more fine pads with the tighter pores will catch smaller particles, with the downside being they will plug quicker, requiring more frequent maintenance.
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kmacF30 (04-12-2015)
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I noticed the difference too, larger holes also means less surface area for bacteria to colonize, i do think fluval is just cutting costs with the newer foam. However, with the biomax in the baskets, i dont think the lower surface area will affect your water quality too much.
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kmacF30 (04-18-2015)

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