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TFK Announcements

Announcements to the TFK community from the TFK Team. Only TFK Mods/Admins can post new threads in here.
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Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself and explain how you began keeping aquarium fish.
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How To Use

Do you have a question about how to use a particular feature here at Ask here or read one of our informative "sticky" posts.
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Home Page News and Updates

Mods and Admins can post or update.
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Freshwater Fish and Aquariums

Freshwater and Tropical Fish

Discuss freshwater fish and tropical fish species, their care, characteristics and compatibility.
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Beginner Freshwater Aquarium

Discuss starting and maintaining a tropical fish aquarium, from cycling to water changes, freshwater aquarium test kits and more.
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Tropical Fish Diseases

Get help with tropical fish diseases such as dropsy, swim bladder disorder, neon tetra disease, and other freshwater fish emergencies.
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Saltwater Fish and Coral Reef Tanks

Saltwater Fish

Discuss different species of saltwater fish, their characteristics and compatibility.
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Beginner Saltwater Aquariums

Discuss all aspects of starting and maintaining saltwater aquariums.
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Saltwater Fish Diseases

Get help with saltwater fish diseases such as ich and other problems that threaten saltwater fish.
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Other Aquatic Environments

Ponds and Waterfalls

Discuss all aspects of ponds and waterfalls here.
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Vivariums and Reptiles

Discuss starting and maintaining vivariums here.
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Reference Material

Brackish Water Fish Profiles

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Alphabetical List of Fish Species

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TFK Resources

DIY Aquarium

Learn how to do it yourself; create your own aquarium equipment and accessories.
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Aquarium Products Reviews

Review aquarium related products, services, and equipment.
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Member Submitted Articles

Read articles about aquariums and aquarium fish keeping submitted by Fish Forum members or submit your own!
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Aquarium Clubs and Events

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The Tropical Fish Keeping Community

Off Topic Discussions

Substantive off topic discussions with your friends from the Aquarium Fish Forum.
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Fish Memorials

Memorialize aquarium fish you have lost here by sharing special moments, pictures, etc.
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Discuss scuba diving and snorkeling, locations, gear, encounters with ocean life and more.
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Members Discuss with Moderators

Something on your mind? Do you have a suggestion or a concern? Start a thread here to discuss it with moderators, where only you and moderators can see and reply to your posts.
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Reference Material Submissions

Use this area to suggest edits, additions or new submissions for our Fish Profiles and Articles area. This area is private, so it can only be viewed by you, the Reference Team and the Moderators.
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Contest Archives

View the results of previous Tropical Fish Keeping Contests.
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TFK Marketplace

TFK U.S. Classifieds

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TFK Canada Classifieds

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TFK Other Countries Classifieds

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Vendor Deals

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