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help with guppy breeding

i recently bought 2 pregnant guppies , bought a breeding box ( clear plastic with a v shaped insert for the fry to fall down ) one gave birth to around 20 fry on saturday night some managed to fall through the holes at the bottom of the box and got eaten by the other fish in my tank, some swam back up through the v and got eaten by the mummys and i was left with 8.I then transferred the mum who was finished into the main part of my tank with the rest of my fish. To stop the 8 remaining fry escaping again and loosing them i set up a small tank , used the water from the original tank transferred the 8 survivors to the new smaller tank with the mature water and also transferred the remaining pregnant guppy and breeding box to ensure when she gives birth and some escape through the bottom that they do not get eaten by the other fish in my main tank.
Now the problem - all 8 were fine this morning but now they are all dead , i have taken the precaution of moving the other pregnant female and breeding box back to the main tank , but what went wrong and how do i make sure it doesnt happen again ?
the water in the new tank was matured as it was taken from the main tank temperature was 26 degrees and a small air pump covered by tights was working away, i had just tested the water and the amonia was fine and had a ph range of 7.2 . i had been feeding them with flakes ground into powder .
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bump i really need help
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Hmmm i have many guppy fry. I dont use those little breeding boxes with the v bottoms. I use the hang on front breeders. Those are the ones you hook your air hose too. I just put some floating guppy grass or hornwort in their too. The fry always find someplace to hide in there away from momma. I dont move the fry around for about 2 weeks. Then they go into the 10g grow out. Maybe they were stressed with all the moving. You said your water perms came up fine. Stress can do weird things to fish. I havent lost any fry myself, so i dont know what else to say....

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i dont have an air hose or any thing like that check out my tank on the aquarium page where i have vids of the fry that are now dead in my other small tank , only really new to the whole breeding thing and its just for my daughter to learn from and have a bit of fun but would like to get it right next time round
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i have been breeding guppies for about a year now and when i first started, the same thing happened to me. I still can never figure out what happened. If you just recently got your females, and they dropped soon after getting them, then they could have been stress dropping, leading to premature fry. Next time DO NOT put your females in a breeding box. It is far too stressful for them. What i suggest is getting some floating plants for them to hide in, i have had the best luck with hornwort, and others have had luck with java moss. The other thing you should check is your nitrite and nitrate. Nitrite and ammonia should be at 0 and nitrate should be between 20 and 40.
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I've had the same problem that you had with the breeding boxes. The first one I got for free from a breeder, but by the looks of things he must have drilled bigger holes in the bottom for bigger fry. I went to a pet store and bought a box that had the V insert also. When I noticed tiny fry in my tank, I put her & the fry in the box. They swam up through the V too! I thought that the reason for the V insert was to keep them from swimming back up. So I finally gave up on the whole breeder box idea and set up a 5g tank and put the fry in there.

I would agree with the others and just let her have the babies in the tank. If there are enough hiding spots they will survive, or you can look at it as the "Natural Selection" theory. Only the strongest and best fit will survive.

A few days after my first guppy popped, my other one did also, and I found the fry hiding in a driftwood ornament that I have (they are pretty much camouflage in it) and the plant that I have. There are also some brave ones that like to swim with their mommies. So far I haven;t had any that have been eaten. The mothers have tried, but they are too quick for them.

As for the deaths that you had, I don't really have any suggestions. It's pretty disappointing for that to happen though. Did you clean the small tank with anything before adding the water? Sometimes you may think that you got all the soap out but there may still be traces. Since the fry are so tiny it could have been a number of things. As others have said, it may have been stress, but I haven't had this situation happen to me before.

Best of luck in the future!
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i think the problem was that i had 2 in the box , the second one has now given birth and it was stress killed the others because of all my flaffing about tbh lol then because the second one was also stressed she gave birth prematurely 2 fry came out formed and has died her fry are now 3 weeks old and doing fine in the wee box pity about the other fry and the mum but i think to use a breeding box one at a time is the most it can handle
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I'm glad you figured them out!

They are such a joy to have and watch grow, and I become really attached to mine :)

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Pretty Sweeeeeeet!!! Good luck on your adventure on raising your fish and congrats.

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