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Originally Posted by Jaybird1 View Post
How many total fish, reptiles, cats , dogs, ectra?

Where do you find the time to take care of all your pets?

Most importantly do you still have time for that other important person in your life? I thought my 150 gallon tank was hard enough to manage, and I still have to get the fish.

I started to buy them from a place in California, but the owner said to wait till after the holidays to prevent any shipping delays, but the plants look terrific. I lost a few crabs, but that is ok, since I do have to remove them so that they don’t bother my coolie loaches I plan to get.

Since I live in Florida, close to the gulf, I got just the place. They'll have plenty of friends there.

Here is the current count of what is in our house.

Myself, Wife, and two boys (14yr and 11yr)

Four legged fuzzes
2 dogs basset hound and Austrian Shepard
2 guinea pigs

Breaded Dragon, Greek Tortoise, 16 leopard geckos (still looking to scale these back)

2 Oscars (4"-5" long)
2 Blood Parrots (5"-6" long)
5 convict cichilds (*1.5"-2.5")
1 Bichir (5" long)
2 Angel fish (5"-6" tall)
2 common plecos (6"-7" long)
3 Killi fish Aphyosemion striatum
9 gold fish (6 fantail, 1 black moore, and 2 shubunkin)
2 Molly (Poecilia sp. "Rio Coatzacoalcos" hoping they will breed for me soon so I don't lose the line)
4 Endler (again hoping these will breed to keep the line going)
20-25 Poecilia minima (small livebearer)
40-60 Guppy (these are in 4 or 5 different tanks)
2 Male Betta
1 Female Betta
1 BN pleco adult
3 BN pleco sub adult (I think 1 male and 2 female)
3 Lace catfish (still babies)
2 Neon tetra (my son had a school of 8 but all died but these)
20-25 cory cats (I have a mix of different ones spread around my tanks but hope to get some to breed then I will replace them all with those as they die out)
5 Black skirt tetra
1 P alleni white crayfish
3 blue crayfish (looking to rehome these guys)
50+ Marble crayfish (1 adult, 10-15 1.5"-2" long and loads of smaller ones)

It is a lot of different types of fish but I'm limiting my new fish to types I already have and with luck I will be able to breed my current stock of fish to keep my tanks full. Some I got because they where endangered in the wild, some I have gotten over time from other people, and some I got because they are just cool fish. I'm really wanting to get more Blood Parrots they are pretty cool fish and I know they are hybrids that some people don't like I still think they are cool.

As for care the fish and reptiles are easy. Everyone morning I feed all the tanks it takes about 20 mins, in that time I'm also checking for anything wrong. Then in the evening I will go down for another feeding on all the fish. Once a week I clean the reptile tanks normally on Sat morning before the family wakes up takes 30-45 mines. Any fish that are growing out will get two water changes a week I try to do three but some times I forget, all other fish tanks get 1 water change every week. My water changes are 50% in each tank. The time to do the changes isn't that much I have a central drain system so I can drain water right into it so no buckets. I break that up the water changes and will do 4-5 tanks each evening so the time doesn't add up, but in total I might spend a hour changing water. Again I will do any changes Sat morning if I haven't already do them. With all the new tanks I'm sure I will have to add more time but shouldn't be a issue. My wife is awesome and does all the cooking so normally after work I have time to spend 15-20 mins in the fish room while she finishes up dinner. I will check them all one more time before bed just to make sure everything is working. Last night one of my new air pumps stopped working and had to swap it out with a older one. That is why I check them 3-4 times a day.

As for family time we all have dinner together, do a once a week movie night where we all watch a movie together, and most evenings we all end up in the living room watching something on TV or playing a video game (my wife enjoys Rock band with the boys, I like maddon or halo and we all play mario).

On your 150 don't rush on getting your fish, most fish will grow slow and live for years so taking a few months to get good healthy fish is well worth the time. I would say my 150 is one of the easiest to keep going and one of my favorites. Good luck on it and be sure to post some photos.

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I got to stop going to the big chain store. Last night their fish and plants where 90% off so I bought more.

3 large amazon swords,
3 large Myrio filligree
2 small amazon swords
2 fountain plants
All for $3

4 Silver dollar (my wife has wanted them for years) to put with my Oscars in the 150 (60 cents each)
14 platy some blue and some orange, will put all of each color in their own tank. (25 cents each)
4 gold gouramis these are great looking fish I wanted to get them last week but wasn't sure(50 cents each)
4 cherry barb always loved these fish but never can find the locally(24 cents each)

I know I should have waited but how often can you get 26 fish you want for less then $10. And the plants while not the best I have seen I feel sure in a few weeks they will be looking awesome. I might go back and get a few more Platy just because I really like those guys and that is a huge deal.

My QT was running with to fully cycled filters so I moved one to a empty 29g tank and added extra filters to both the QT to help with the bio load. I will be doing daily water changes on the tanks to help keep them from building up. At lunch today I picked up 5 more sponge filters and put them in my tanks to get them cycled so I can get my other tanks up and going. Don't see any reason not to move some of the new fish to their permanent tanks as long as I have cycled filters.

Plus this weekend I'm getting Red cherry shrimp and Pumpkin shrimp from a guy about 40 miles away. They will both go into 10g tanks and start a colony, with luck by this summer they should be breeding like crazy so I can even start selling some.

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Wow, 90% off??!! What store was this? Sounds like you got quite a great deal for all those fish and plants.

150 Gallon - Mostly American Cichlids
135 Gallon - Angelfish Community
75 Gallon - Odd couple (Polleni/Angelfish)
55 Gallon - African tank
20 Gallon Long - QT
10 Gallon - Empty
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Originally Posted by jeaninel View Post
Wow, 90% off??!! What store was this? Sounds like you got quite a great deal for all those fish and plants.

The store is Meijir it is kind of like Walmart but they are upper Midwest only. We have 3 of them here in town but the one my wife and I shop at is remodeling their fish area and they said it is easier to sell all the fish and start over then try to move them and keep them alive.

They still have 30-50 Platy, 20-30 molly, 20-30 barbs (tiger), 50-60 of the fish people put under black lines, 10 Chinese algae eaters, and plus a few others I don't recall. They have 6-8 plants left but I don't really have room for them and I got the best looking ones.

Also I got 8 boxes of Tetra Parasite Guard for $1.24 each. Not sure I needed it but for the price couldn't pass it up. Just want to be sure it safe for my cat fish and I will treat the QT

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So the video idea didn't work but here is a better set of photos.

Large rack, the 4 tanks on top are still empty
Large rack.jpg

Here is my 150 tank, with two 29 under it. No lights on the two 20g on the right side. The two 29 on left are still QT/holding tanks. The BP are getting moved I had them in with the Oscars but they where picking on the oscars so pulled them out.

150 rack.jpg

And my 10g rack holds 9 tanks
10g rack.jpg

You can follow Old Fort Exotics on You Tube and on my Fish room thread.

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That's an impressive setup.

Do you plan on breeding and selling anything other than the shrimp?
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Thank you.

On breeding and selling that is my goal in the coming months. I have thought about it for years but never got it going and now I feel it's the right time for me and the family to start. I have a list on my desk here at work of the fish I'm going to start with and those that I'm interested in breeding. I enjoy livebearers so I will have a lot of those. I won't be doing this to get rich so I'm going to keep with fish I want to have in my tanks, that way what doesn't sell I will keep and enjoy. I will be happy if I can sell enough to pay for food and replace equipment as it wears out.

Here is my list.
Panda Guppy
Cobra Guppy
Blue guppy (these I have had for years and the females are more than half blue also, very much like Moscow Guppies)
Poecilla Minimu (very small livebearer wild type)
Platy Orange
Platy Blue/silver
Goodea Gracilis (livebearer I think they are endangered in the wild)
Pumpkin Shrimp
Red cherry shrimp
Betta (wanted to breed these for years)
Marble Crayfish (already have 2 tanks full)
Plants ( naga grass, Java fern, amazon swords, Filligree, and pothos)

My maybe list
Pink Convicts (I know they will breed but not sure I want to breed them)
Cherry Barbs (if I can keep them breeding)
Cory Cats
BN Plecos (I want to do these just need mine to grow old enough)

Doing all these will mean I need to build another rack this summer but not a problem. It will take time but I enjoy it so no problem.

You can follow Old Fort Exotics on You Tube and on my Fish room thread.

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Cool. Good luck!
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Hi Warhawk, followed the link on your sig here and mighty impressed, looks like if I wanted to learn a bit about modern day fishkeeping I could do a lot worse than pop in here now and then to see what you are up to with your tanks--Im an electrician by trade so could maybe chip in with some tricks of the trade if required. good luck in your aquatic endeavours !--billy ( Bilbo)
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