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Aquarium Building Questions?

Hey peoples of TFK..
i am looking into making my new Aquarium for a bit of fun! but findin it difficult to source some form of cheap glass to do it with. i was expecting it to be much cheaper than it looks like it will be. Does anyone know where you can find cheap glass sheets in Australia?
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Or they can direct you to another company.

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I too have Aquarium Building Questions?

Hope know body minds that I use this thread to ask my Questions.

So I am about to receive my 150 gallon tank next month. I have some pvc plumbing to do. My first question.

Is PVC cement toxic to freshwater fish after it has cured, if so how long should I wait?

After watching our favorite TV Fish Pros, I do not remember anything said about it. They seem to glue their joints and fill the tanks with water and fish.
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FROM the---DIY PVC tunel question

Originally Posted by whitedevil View Post
I wouldnt bother with the silicon, but its GE-1 that you need, its the only aquarium safe caulk outside of aquarium sealant.

whitedevil replied:

You can use PVC primer and glue to adhere the PVC to each piece, let it sit for 24 hours then rinse and put in tank.

I assure you it is 100% safe once its gassed off.

After seaching 25 pages in the DIY, I found my answer.

Thanks you whitedevil

The only stupid question is the one not asked.
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I suggest going in to the acrylic/glass shops, I heard that they can be cheap there - might be worth shopping around.

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I would see if you can buy scrap glass from a window co. Most likely the cheapest option but you will have to work with odd shapes and sizes.
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