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lets start this thing

who goes collecting? where do you live? what do you collect?
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First of all, I wish this board good luck. Fish collecting, whether you go scuba diving in the topics, or seine local rivers, is a natural progression in the hobby.

I would hope that those of you that do post here would take the time and make the effort to be a voice that broadcasts being safety above all. Exchange ideas and information on sites, equipment, and the subject of safety.

That being said, Scuba diving is unique in that one can observe, not only the fish we see at our lfs's but we can also interact with these creatures. We can observe giant rays, feed sharks, and HUGE groupers. we can watch shrimp and crab scurry about the reefs. Yes, this can be done from the four walls of our abodes, but there is a sheer, indescribable beauty beneath the surface of the sea. Observing these creatures in their natural habitat is life altering. I would liken it to a trip to the Vatican for those of religious persuasion. Or maybe a trip to the ancient ruins of Europe, Egypt and other parts of the ancient world. Truly a rapturous feeling.

Partake, admire the wonder, discuss your experience. Once you go, you'll be hooked.

But, first of all play SAFE!!!

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Just found this Subforum, and first of all, I agree with HereFishy on the whole safety thing.

I will be going scuba diving in about 15 days or so, up in Queensland, on the Great Barrier Reef... Apparently, it's the most beautiful reef in the world. We shall see hehe.

When I get back from Queensland, I'll post pics of the reef. Can anyone reccomend a good underwater camera?

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safety should always be first. i have always recommended everyone to at least go through the rescue class with your scuba certification.

do you have a good camera already? you can buy a housing for a lot of the cameras now and use the camera that you already are familiar with.

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Im looking forward to the pictures that those of you who dive will be posting.

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I don't scuba though I want to get a brownie third lung right now I just free dive off of Stuart Florida. I have collected some cool fish and inverts such as coca damsel, wrasses, Coral banded shrimp, arow crabs, high hats, French angelfish, snails and hermits. I recomend Olympus cameras there great I used one on my Bahamas trip lAst summer. The trip was awesome, although we got chased out of the water by big bull sharks quite often. We lived on a 14 acre island and had aexceptional reef off the north side. No one for miles we shot hogfish, lobster and grouper for food taking in the experince. On the trip home on our 22 ft pathfinder flats boat we hit crazy weather my dad, and my 16 yr old brother hit 8 foot seas and 75 mph wind. My fourteen year old mind was going crazy our lives in the hands of my father I thought I was going to die for sure. The mayday call of a 40-50 ft sea ray wasn't encouraging to me. I thought it was all over and I was going to be eaten by sharks but no my dad pulled through I guess his jetski/car racing days paid off while we were in this storm for an hour. When we gotout I took off my three live jackets and could hardly walk wwhen we hit shore from being rattled. Cold tired and aching but alive I will never forget this until the day I die.
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Wow!! What an experience! I'm sure you'll never forget it.

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Cool!! I'll def keep my eye on this thread. I'm sorry that I won't be posting my experience though... As I have none and can't stand the thought of sitting in a bath tub never mind a lake or ocean... To many little things swimming around that I can't see. Lol I wouldn't mind the fish... It's the pathogens and amoebas that freak me out. And the bugs...

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um ok? ya it was crazy
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Whoa....dallops! What an experience!! Mega points for your dad for being able to stay so cool under such pressure.

You were actually chased out of the water by bull sharks?? And then want back into the water the next day?? OMG....you have got some serious huevos!! No wonder you'll fly off anything on that skateboard.

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