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Arulius Barb(Barbus arulius)
Black Ruby Barb(Puntius nigrofasciatus)
Checker Barb(Barbus oligolepis)
Cherry Barb(Capoeta titteya)
Clown Barb(Barbodes everetti)
Cuming's Barb(Barbus cumingi)
Filament Barb(Barbus filamentosus)
Five-banded Barb(Barbodes pentazona)
Golden Barb(Capoeta schuberti)
Green Barb(Capoeta semifasciolatus)
Odessa Barb(Barbus "odessa")
Red-Striped Torpedo Barb(Puntius denisonii)
Rosy Barb(Puntius conchonius)
Striped Barb(Barbus eugrammus)
T-barb(Puntius lateristrigata)
Tiger Barb(Capoeta tetrazona)
Tinfoil Barb(Barbus schwanfeldi)
Cyclocheilichthys apogon

See this link for a complete list of danios and devarios.

See thsi link for a complete list of rasboras.

Apollo Shark(
Bala Shark(Balantiocheilus melanopterus)
Black Shark(Labeo chrysophekadeon)
Red-finned Shark(Epalzeorhynchus frenatus)
Red-tailed Black Shark(Epalzeorhynchus bicolor)

Algae Eating Cyprinids
Flying Fox(Epalzeorhynchus kallopterus)

True Siamese Algae Eater(Crossocheilus siamensis)

False Siamese Algae Eater(Garra taeniata)

Chinese Algae Eater(Gyrinocheilus aymonieri)

Information regarding the algae-eating cyprinids can be found here.

~All information may also be found in Loaches Online.
Acanthopsis choiorhynchus
Barbucca diabolica
Botia almorhae
Botia dario
Botia histrionica
Botia kubotai
Botia rostrata
Botia striata
Chromobotia macracanthus
Cobitis taenia
Nemacheilus barbatulus
Pangio anguillaris
Pangio cuneovirgata
Pangio doriae
Pangio fasciatus
Pangio kuhlii
Pangio mariarum
Pangio malayana
Pangio muraeniformis
Pangio myersi
Pangio oblonga
Pangio pangia
Pangio piperata
Pangio semicincta
Pangio shelfordi
Syncrossus beauforti
Syncrossus berdmorei
Syncrossus helodes
Syncrossus hymenophysa
Syncrossus reversa
Yasuhikotakia caudipunctata
Yasuhikotakia eos
Yasuhikotakia lecontei
Yasuhikotakia longidorsalis
Yasuhikotakia modesta
Yasuhikotakia morleti
Yasuhikotakia nigrolineatus
Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki
Yasuhikotakia splendida

Goldfish(Carassius auratus)
Hong Kong Bitterling(Rhodeus ocellatus)
Shiner(Notropis lutrensis)

Hillstream Loaches
Annamia sp. -Vietnamese Homaloptera
Beaufortia kweichowensis
Gastromyzon ctenocephalus
Gastromyzon danumensis
Gastromyzon lepidogaster
Gastromyzon ocellatus
Gastromyzon scitulus
Gastromyzon stellatus
Homalopetra bilineata
Homaloptera cf.ogilviei
Homaloptera confuzona
Homaloptera gymnogaster
Homaloptera orthogoniata
Homaloptera smithi
Homaloptera stephensoni
Homaloptera tweediei
Homalopetra yunnanensis
Homaloptera zollingeri
Pseudogastromyzon cheni
Pseudogastromyzon fangi
Pseudogastromyzon fasciatus
Pseudogastromyzon myersi
Schistura balteata
Schistura beavani
Schistura cf. balteata
Schistura corica
Schistura deansmarti
Schistura finis
Schistura geisleri
Schistura jarutanini
Schistura kaysonei
Schistura kohchangensis
Schistura maepaiensis
Schistura mahnerti
Schistura menanensis
Schistura multifasciata
Schistura nicholsi
Schistura notostigma
Schistura obeini
Schistura oedipus
Schistura poculi
Schistura pridii
Schistura reidi
Schistura robertsi
Schistura rupecula
Schistura savona
Schistura scaturigina
Schistura sexcauda
Schistura similis
Schistura sp. "Crimson"
Schistura spiesi
Schistura spilota
Schistura vinciguerrae
Schistura waltoni
Schistura similis
Schistura waltoni
Sewellia lineolata

Blue Gularis(Aphyosemion sjoestedti)
Aphyosemion deltaense
Aphyosemion oeseri

Cape Lopez Lyretail(Aphyosemion australe)
Steel-blue Killifish(Aphyosemion gardneri)
Marbled Killifish(Aphyosemion marmoratum)
Walker's Killifish(Aphyosemion walkeri)
Two-striped Aphyosemion(Aphyosemion bivittatum)

Argentine Pearl Fish(Cynolebias nigripinnis)
Argentinian Pearl Fish(Cynolebias bellottii)

Spotted Epiplatys(Epiplatys singa)
Clown Killifish(Epiplatys annulatus)
Sparkling Panchax(Aplocheilus lineatus)

Rachow's Nothobranchius(Nothobranchius rachovi)
Nigerian lampeye(Procatopus similis)
Guenther's notho(Nothobranchius guentheri)

Yellowtail Panchax(Rivulus milesi)
Sheepshead minnow(Cyprinodon variegatus)
Playfair's Panchax(Pachypanchax playfairi)
Cuban Rivulus(Rivulus cylindraceus)

Golden Peasant(Roloffia occidentalis)
Gery's Aphyosemion(Roloffia geryi)

Orange Dwarf Killifish(Diapteron fulgens)

A Cyprinodont to be Keep with Cichlids
Tanganyikan Pearl Killifish(Lamprichthys tanganicanus)

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