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I am wondering how it got there lol? I have only had 2 Anemones the first one was from the move, the second I got but died.
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They come in on the live rock and can remain dormant for very long periods of time. Any time you introduce a new coral or rock you have the chance you might bring in aptasia or majano anemones.
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I got a cheapo anemone tonight for 8 bucks. I was reading more on acclamation and I was given wrong info on how it works. The last anemone I got I put him into the water for 15 minutes and the added some of my tanks water, then dropped him in. This time I let him sit in the tank for 15 minutes, added small amounts of water every 10 minutes and left the lights off. I noticed a difference from the last one I dropped in. The cheapo anemone didn't close up when he was first put into the water, and he was still inflated. Its been over 5 hours he moved into a spot he liked and is still inflated. I guess tomorrow we will see if he is looking the same. This pet store I am going to starting using is great they are a local chain of pets stores here's a link They have killer prices on fish and even nice size frags of coral, all tank raised. I hope I did the everything right this time around. What method do you guys use when adding coral or anything?
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drip acclimating is the most reccomended for these sensitive corals
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I spend around 2 or more hours drip acclimating or hand acclimating.
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Whats the best way to acclimate? I was gonna get a drip line or make one for coral and other sensitive fish. How do you hand acclimate?
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well drip acclimating to me is the easiest, take some airline tubing, start the siphon from the tank into another bucket (not where the fish are yet) then tie a knot on the airline tube. Get around 1-3 drops per second, one drop for more sensitive corals and fish with 3 drops for less sensitive corals and fish. Then just put the driping siphon into the container where the fish is, use it for 30+ minutes depending on how much is changing and how sensitive the fish are. If the tank water is 1.25 SG and the fish was living in 1.20 SG you should do 1 drip per second for a few hours, if the tank water is 1.25SG and the fish is not that sensitive living in 1.24 SG, you could do about 45 minutes to be safe.
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well another way we were told you can acclimate is take a container any put your fish or whatever in it. then about every 15 minutes take a small cup with a bit of water in it and put it into the container( or the bag it comes in if big enough)
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Melissa that is a great way with hardy animals. Drip acclimating is usually used for very sensitive corals, clams or starfish. Fish themselves don't mind as much. It is very important with many stars and I've even heard of people drip acclimating linika stars for 24 hours before introduction. Adding a small amount at a time can be a huge shock to some critters. Not many, but a few.

As far as drip acclimating I use an airvalve and airline. I just adjust the valve rather then mess with a knot. It's also nice because you can get the type that clamp to the tank and make sure the other end does not fall out of the tank. Best method is to get a container that holds 2-3 times the amount that the beast came in. Place the critter inside that bucket. Set that bucket inside a 5g bucket. Set the drip accordingly. Most critters will fair well when you have an equal amount of your tank water mixed with what came in the bag. Be diligent. If the LFS doesn't put enough water in the bag, ask for more. I go another step further with my expensive/finicky pieces. I allow my first bucket to fill up with twice the amount of LFS bag water, this means if it came with a half gallon of water I get a 1 1/2 - 2g bucket inside my 5g overflow bucket. Now get this. When that bucket has overflowed another 1 1/2 -2 gallons in the overflow bucket I consider it a success. The goal here is to push out as much of the old water as possible until as much new water is in the bucket. When using this method do not allow the water to creep up the sides and mix back into the holding bucket. I will sometimes add an airstone to the critter bucket and add a TEE and a valve. I'll set the amount of air going into the bucket to just a trickle and vent the rest out the TEE. This ensures that my somewhat stagnant water turns over and exposes it to the surface.
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