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Then why is it every were I look they stat to feed your anemones a piece of shrimp no bigger then the size of there month?
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how much do you think i will have to spend on lighting including fixtures balast and stuff?I checked out that link and the pendent was 400 dollars.will i still need a full spectrum or a actanic?How do all the lighting fixtures fit together- were do i place the pendant if the fullspectrum is in the way-or can they be combined?
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Originally Posted by usmc121581
Then why is it every were I look they stat to feed your anemones a piece of shrimp no bigger then the size of there month?
Mysis are tiny like brine shrimp.....
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I'll look around at finding you a discounted fixture. I see Aqualogic and Geismann pendants for about $80-120 a lot. Most of those have the ballast built right in. The entire pendant is generally about 12"x 10" and hangs from the ceiling. Also you can check out Viper or Coralife for clip on lights. I'll post back tomorrow if I can find you a deal. PM me what you are willing to spend. I can generaly find a nicely used set up for about what a new PC fixture runs. I just built a system with 2 250w bulbs, reflectors, bulbs, sockets, cords, timers, and ballasts for about $400 total. I know right now where I can get you 3x 175w screw in with ballasts for $200.
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ill tell you guys what this weekend i will go to my dealer and ask him what kind of lighting he uses and would recomend. he has a beutiful selection of corals and anenomes all of witch look healthy
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Make sure to tell him that money is no object and that you want him to recommend something that you can "grow" into if your tastes in corals change. Make sure you tell him that you want anemones and that you may someday wish to get into SPS or clams. He may think you only want a cheap light and not want to scare you off by showing you the good stuff. I can find pics of 30g tanks being used locally with 400w MH bulbs. They are awesome. Keep in mind that bad lighting can also lead to algae issues.
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dude whats with you and clams whats so great about clams lol :D
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Because seriously one day you'll be looking at some nice frags or clams at the LFS and you'll really want them. I'm just trying to help you prepare.

As a sidenote I was referrencing this thread at the LFS tonight with a fellow reefer. He pointed out to me that he could not understand why anybody woud be shocked about the idea of putting a 150WMH over a 30g. Some say it's only a 30g it isn't necessary yet they'd be the first one to put 2 250w bulbs over a 75g. I ask what's the difference?

And because clams are the most rockenest part of reefs. A good clam will always impart oohs and aahhs when folks look at your reef. A nice derrasa or gigas is the center attraction.

I think this is a nice thread as a lot of people near me have been setting up Oceanic 30g cubes. They almost all have the same plot. 400w MH, GIANT 10" plus clam, some rock with SPS and caps. Sometimes an anemone up high with a couple of Onyx clowns. It's fast becoming one of the most aw inspiring displays.
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Alot of people over here don't use that like of lighting on a 30 gal they have either PC or T5's. But thats what I like about the hobby there are so many different views on what type of lighting to use. But to my question I am in the process of looking for a different lighting system for my 120 gal. I currently use the current satellite (2) 65 watt SmartPaq Daylight 10000K and (2) 65 watt Actinic 460nm together with (2) Lunar light. 260 watts total. 1.6 amps. Dimensions: 48.25" L x 7.5" W x 2.75" H. Includes fan. Model 1016. I have seen so many different types of lighting to use. I don't know if I want to build a wood top with 2 fans for the top, then I could build a lighting system or just buy the fixture. I have one SPS coral thats doing just fine undrethe PC. What kinds of lighting would you recommend. Also have you heard about this new lighting system that uses LED's and has 27 different settings to simulate stormy days and so on. What my LFS has said is that its supposed to be better then MH's. Just wondering if you heard about it. I'll find out more on that system.
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It's called Solaris. And one for your tank would be about $4,000. They are over the top. I still think 2.16w per gallon is a little low for a reef. I thought I saw a thread where you described the differences between a reef tank and a fish only as fish only use 1-3 wpg and reefs have 4 and over???????

About the nicest and cehapest set up I could recommend would be this awesome 3x250w mh with 300w T5 lighting I found on Ebay. I paid out hte nose to build my own fixture and I could have had that one for $700 including bulbs. You wouldn't need a canopy as it is a contained fixture like you Current brand fixture. They come with wire rope for haning from your ceiling. the nicest thing about that, and it's what I use, is that all of your tank is accessible without hassling with your light.
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