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German Blue Rams and frogs??

I was wondering if you can keep Blue Rams and African Dwarf Frogs together? I have kept ADFs before for several years, but in their own tank.

I was also wondering if the rams would be better in a pair or a group?

And would the rams live in a 30 litre tank or not?

Just knocking some ideas around!
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i wouldnt recomend the frogs, ive known them to eat stuff. rams are potentially hard to maintain. some seem much more prone to stress and illness. but ive finally got a nice pair (male and female) there my favorite fish! absolutley beautiful :D
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At least a 50 litre IMO because the tank just starts getting to small and they rams don't have enough room to move around. Also I wouldn't add frogs.

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I kept frogs in with rams and they got along fine. I eventually got them their own tank though because the rams are quick to the food while the frogs take a long time to find the food and they were getting skinny. If you really want to keep them together then just make sure you'll be able to feed them in a way where they can get the food right away. I would think they would get along fine, but I suppose there's always the possibility of getting a ram who doesn't like the frogs.

As for the rams it depends on the size of the tank. If it's on the smaller side then it's best to stick with a pair, but if it's a larger tank where there can be completely separate territories then they also can do well in a group. For your tank size though I would say no to rams as they really need more space than that.
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