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Convict Cichlid Babies Gone!!!

"Asking for a friend"

Sha has a pair of convict cichlids in a 35 gallon aquarium. This past Saturday she laid eggs in a PVC pipe that they had put un for her. There were little eggs everywhere and today, Tuesday, they are all gone! Could the male of ate them or move them?

After she had them, the male stayed in there with them which she assumed he was "doing his thing." Now, the eggs are gone and he is still in the pipe and the female stays at the top of the aquarium because everytime she tries to go near, he will chase her back.
Any ideas greatly appreciated.
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Sounds like they have hatched. After 3 days you should be looking for fry, not eggs. Someone else correct me if I am wrong.
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If they have hatched, they must be really hard to see because I can't find anything yet. What about her filter? She cut it down really low but it is still running.
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what kind of gravel? i ask because i would never have found my fry if they were released in the regular tank. once in a small tank i could see them going completely under the gravel and shells. i have large type gravel. also if she want to keep the fry and if they could still be there somewhere you have to put some thing over the filter. they also could be sucked into it. pantiehose over the filter.
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In my personal experience with breeding convicts

convicts do lay eggs in a secure enviorment.

The fish will then protect the fry or at least one of them will.

After a couple of days the convicts will eat the fry.

Then again my personal experience.
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